And on…. To Universal Domination!!

Hey all… or perhaps just anybody!?

So this is the beginning. Of the beginning or of the end I cannot say, but hey – nothing ventured, nothing gained. The idea here is to have a vent, a rant and, should this attract enough readers, to Change the World!! BUWA-HA-HAAA!!

But seriously, folks, this is to be my introductory foray into political blogging – presently I have Great Plans in mind ranging far beyond this blog. We shall see how it goes, but be prepared to see me increase my online presence massively over the next few months and let’s see if I can’t break my way into the political landscape of the UK, Europe and ultimately The World.

So what’s the deal? Well, that’ll develop with time, but for now… Politicoid 101:

  • I hail from Edinburgh, UK, and thus the posts will mainly be relevant to UK and European politics.
  • European politics is hideously under-represented in the UK. I aim to educate, not to please. Lol. No, seriously 😉
  • Real policy opinion and analysis is largely uninspiring and exclusive of the average citizen, confined as it is to the rather dry broadsheets.
  • Politics is, in reality, really quite interesting and much fun can be had with the lying liars that make up the establishment. Let’s bring on the fun.

I’m going to leave it at that for now, but keep reading and you’ll get the idea. Comments welcome, linkings welcome, challenges welcome.

Ciao from… The Politicoid


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