All Quiet on The Politicoid Front?

OK guys, sorry things have been a bit quiet recently. In an example of my general level of luck, both my laptop, memory sticks and my mobile phone got nicked by some shithead fucks who will hopefully find their genitals mysteriously implanted into their heads. I had written a whole series of articles for your viewing pleasure, including the next instalments of Electoral and Welfare reform, not to mention about five other articles. So I have been furiously rewriting them and should start posting them soon. I can’t guarantee a daily update right now due to the big pile of pants that is my technology situation, but there should be enough stuff of interest.

Oh, and if anyone tries to sell you a black Compaq and a blocked android phone, do me a favour and sodomize them with an angry gibbon.

Ciao fer now….. The Politicoid


One thought on “All Quiet on The Politicoid Front?

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