The Koch Brothers – not pronounced ‘Coke’…


I have been hearing about the Koch brothers for years. Charles and David Koch, the owners of the international conglomorate, have been the subject of liberal hatred, conspiracy theories and right-wing love. Their organisation has interests in oil, chemicals and any number of other pies – it may as well be known as the Umbrella Corporation. To put it concisely, the reason for all this obsession is simple – they are evil. Big, fat, rich inhuman evil.

To illustrate, enjoy my brief list of sundry Koch crimes:

– Knowingly releasing 91 metric tons of benzene and concealing this crime from regulators.
– Koch was negligent in causing more than 300 oil spills that polluted waters in six states, including Kansas.
– In 1999, Bill Koch blew the whistle on Koch Industries when they stole nearly 2 million barrels of oil from American Indian reservations.
– From 1999 through 2003, Koch Industries was assessed more than $400 million in fines, penalties and judgments.
– Forcing emplyees to falsify data and records to circumvent environmental regulations.

imageHow about some of their political positions:

– Libertarian (*groan*)
– Free-market de-regulation lovers
– Lobbied against universal healthcare
– Lobbied to abolish Social Security
– Secretly funded organisations dedicated to climate change skepticism
– Active in multi-faceted attempts to destroy trade unions
– Oppose any effort to raise taxes on the richest or on corporations

In an article in the Independent today, a paper trail shows that the Koch family have been the instigators behind a massive effort to cast doubt on climate change science through their funds Americans for Prosperity and the Knowledge and Progress Fund. Don’t you just love those names? Chas and Dave must have been pissing themselves coming up with the most ironic names they could think of, while stroking their Siamese cats and bellowing BU-WAHAHAHAAA!

Sadly, I don’t have time to give you all a full rundown of just how evil and anti-human these fat bitches are, because I have to work for a living instead of growing bloated on the hard work and labour of people treated like slaves. Check the video below for an introduction into the world of these complete bastards.

It’s time that we stopped being polite. Their name is Koch. This is not pronounced Coke. It is pronounced Cock. Time we told them to Koch off.


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