Politicoid Expands – To Infinity and Beyond!


After an unintentionally long hiatus, you may have noticed that I am back. Finally, the plan – movement even – is back on track again. Content is going up regularly and we have a new site theme to boot! I have it on good authority that the monkey-fellating onanites who nicked all my shit – twice! – have been found, liquidated and turned into the very soap I use to wash my nether regions with. So with any luck, I should be all set from here.

Where to from here then, politicoid? Well, this is where the expansion begins. I’ve pretty much reached the limit of how many articles I can post up by myself what with working 7 days a week, so I have recruited some contributors.

Arran Walshe gained his Bachelors degree in History from the University of British Columbia  and is putting his encyclopaedic knowledge of Middle Eastern history and politics to good use by writing a piece here on politicoid – where literally the entire population of Earth has a good chance of reading it. Naturally, this will lead to a popular movement of the masses demanding the overthrow of the old Elites, to be replaced by a benign ‘dictatorship of the politicoid‘.

takeoverAs is only reasonable, I will lead The Party (in this case, a massive rave) with Arran as the Chief Arbiter Of Free Thought. The Journal newspaper shall be re-branded as ‘The UberJournal‘ and be the ultimate provider of Truth, beamed directly into the minds of the entire human population using some unspecified secret technology (which I have in my shed). But I digress…
Rowan Sol has also joined the good ship politicoid. As is his wont, we can look forward to a critique of the Drug Wars soon. By way of reward for his services (and mainly because I have no money), He has been awarded the position of First Minister of Religious Destruction in the soon-to-be World Government.

So, much to look forward to. Keep you’re eyes glued to your Twitter feed and follow The Politicoid Network on Facebook or you may just miss The Single Most Amazingly Excellent Thing Ever. Or not…


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