The Domination Begins… Politicoid Gets Published!

my article_thumbThings have been pretty hectic on my end here this week, so I’ve been a bit neglectful of my fine and loyal readers. Let me give you a bit of an update on what’s been going down at politicoid over the last week.  Readership is growing exponentially, so that is obviously wicked. Sadly, I haven’t had time to write a huge amount as I have been working my ass off at the day job, and I kind of burned myself out.

The main news this week is relating to politicoidal blogospheric domination. First, my articles on the hydraulic fracturing issue were published on, so people are starting to hear the word – and believe it. But the greatest coup of the week was yet to come – I finally got my first article published in the print media. The Glasgow Journal published an abridged (but still full-page) version of my last article on the latest Workfare court decision. Response so far has been great, and even the right-wingers are seeing the truth of how daft and counter-productive the scheme is (although not the Telegraph, apparently). If you want to have a look at the article as it appeared in the paper, you can click the pic.

Arran Walshe is going to make a comeback with a new piece soon, and I’ve got so much shit to write about that my fingers will be worn to nubs and my hands will probably fall off before the end of the next week. Rowan Sol will be providing some much-needed vitriol and cynicism soon (that’s right, Rowan) so look forward to that.

Stick with it, guys. We’re going somewhere here and remember, if you like what you read here and reckon you can speak/write in English pretty well, I’m always open to contributors…

See you in The Future, politicoids!


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