Iceland – An Unlikely Example To Us All


The Icelandic government have done it again. When I use that phrase, usually what follows is maddening stuff. For once, that is not the case. Why, you ask? Because, in a rare show of correctitude, banksters have been jailed. Surely not!

It may seem an impossible outcome in the EU or the USA (or almost anywhere else in the world for that matter), but in Iceland they jump eeeen it. This is not the first time, nor is it likely to be the last, as Iceland seeks to find the best route out of the ongoing financial crisis. Apparently, they’re doing a pretty damn good job of it, too. Iceland now has one of the fastest growing economies in the developed world.

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Source Code (2011) Review – Win.

Source-Code-POSTER2 (1)From the Bowie-spawn director of the genius debut film Moon (2009), Duncan JonesSource Code is the sort of movie I can really get my teeth into. A film that makes you think – and a sci-fi too! Jake Gyllenhaal is universally brilliant and the on-screen chemistry between his character and that of Michelle Monaghan (Gone Baby Gone) gives you something emotion to drape the plot around. There is little to fault about the rest of the performances – other than Dr. Rutledge (Jeffrey Wright, The Manchurian Candidate). Simple and effective in its cinematography and direction,  we are transported into the confused existence of Captain Stevens (Gyllenhaal, Donnie Darko),  a helicopter pilot who finds himself repeatedly transported into a simulated reality in order to prevent a terrorist attack in the future.  Stevens spends his time between the simulation and a strange capsule as he tries to work out what the hell is going on – both on the train and with himself.

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