Income Inequality? There IS a solution…


In the light of the recent Davos gathering of shadowy elites, it seemed pertinent to get on topic. If you’ve been paying attention at all recently, you know how fucked up shit really is re: income inequality. It’s not even just that such a massive gap exist between the top 1% and the rest of us. It’s that the situation is literally worse than it’s been for almost 100 years – you know, that time just after the Victorian era, just after a world war. And it isn’t as if it’s just slowly been getting worse – inequality actually decreased rapidly between 1928 and 1942, then remained at a low level until ’79. Only since 1979 has it blown the fuck up. It’s no surprise that this rise coincides with the wholesale deregulation of financial markets and industry, the globalisation project and mass privatization of public services and a number of other market liberalisation policies.You could say, “Well, correlation isn’t causation”, and you’d be right. Except that the mechanisms by which it affects income inequality are so self-evident. Except that the main opponents of measures that could reform the system are so patently members of the 1% that has most benefited from the ‘free’-market, trickle-down economic model. Continue reading


Scottish Independence for the Common Man


I’m finally getting around to the subject of Scottish Independence. I was really a bit lost on how to start this; I mean, it seems like there’s just so bastard much to consider, right? Currency, the EU, welfare… For what seems now to have been a shockingly long period of time, I couldn’t even understand the question. Identifying as I do with the term ‘British’ as much as I do ‘Scottish’, it seemed, well, just unnecessary. Continue reading

UKIP – Nutbag Wankers or Batshit Fucknuts? You decide…

UKIP Annual Conference 2013

Jesus H. Mother-Frakking Christ. UKIP really are a backward bunch. The latest in a long line of disturbing statements to issue forth from the bloat-holes of UKIP councillors is that, according to former Tory MP David Silvester, the latest run of bad weather in the Uk is a result of the legalisation of gay marriage. Are you fucking serious? I thought that shit only happened in the USA, or theocracies like Saudi Arabia.

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PseudoScience, Woo and its Malcontents


Some shit just drives me fucking nuts. So nuts that it’s a good thing that I don’t have a spare icepick lying around with which to lobotomise myself whilst simultaneously clawing out my eyes and excoriating my eardrums. Only the dark uterine bliss of utter senselessness could relieve the pain that is… the uninformed masses.

The thing which scrapes my scrote right now is the vast hordes of conspiranoids polluting the internet and their attendant lack of basic thinking skills; do a quick search for ‘science documentary’ on YouTube and you’ll find that half the results are a melange of nutbag crud varying from Nibiru to the Anunaki and on to the New World Order.

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