PseudoScience, Woo and its Malcontents


Some shit just drives me fucking nuts. So nuts that it’s a good thing that I don’t have a spare icepick lying around with which to lobotomise myself whilst simultaneously clawing out my eyes and excoriating my eardrums. Only the dark uterine bliss of utter senselessness could relieve the pain that is… the uninformed masses.

The thing which scrapes my scrote right now is the vast hordes of conspiranoids polluting the internet and their attendant lack of basic thinking skills; do a quick search for ‘science documentary’ on YouTube and you’ll find that half the results are a melange of nutbag crud varying from Nibiru to the Anunaki and on to the New World Order.

So, seeing as I’m up at stupid-o’clock in the morning, I thought I might share a conversation I had last night with one such ‘noid to illustrate how dangerous it can be to just slightly misinterpret the rules of critical thinking and miss the point of the scientific method. In addressing a comment by an aficionado of the ‘Electric Comet’ concept (I won’t credit it with the term hypothesis or theory), I entered into what ultimately may have been a useful exchange. With any luck, the nice chap involved might think twice before he buys into the next woo he comes across. Probably not, though. I leave it in your capable hands to decide if I made my case fairly or not.

If anyone is interested, for a beginners debunking of electric comet woo, check this out.



3 thoughts on “PseudoScience, Woo and its Malcontents

  1. I never heard of that “theory.” The conspiracy theorists resemble schizos, and I think most people lack the ability to question what they read. they read some crazy book then repeat it like a parrot. parrot understanding. even schizos can be more rational than true believers (john nash.) I’m not as educated as you but i’m taking a course on logic, and I have a natural bs detector. Critical thought is lacking and is something they should teach early on. sorry for the unintelligent reply (sticky keys.) keep up the good work. the real establishment is true believers and cult leaders. critical thinkers are the resistance!

    • Agreed comrade! hen the internet first got big, we all assumed it would free our minds and endow us with almost magical knowledge – few of us suspected that it would also be the largest repository of bullshit in world history!

      We need to teach the kids of today how to develop their BS detectors, otherwise the situation will only get worse. There’s no need to have a first class education, or even to be particularly bright, just a few simple rules for discerning truth from fucknut balls-to-the-walls batshit. In fact, intelligence is no guarantee ofgood CT skills (c.f. John Nash again)! Thanks for reading bro and keep it up!

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