UKIP – Nutbag Wankers or Batshit Fucknuts? You decide…

UKIP Annual Conference 2013

Jesus H. Mother-Frakking Christ. UKIP really are a backward bunch. The latest in a long line of disturbing statements to issue forth from the bloat-holes of UKIP councillors is that, according to former Tory MP David Silvester, the latest run of bad weather in the Uk is a result of the legalisation of gay marriage. Are you fucking serious? I thought that shit only happened in the USA, or theocracies like Saudi Arabia.

After rapidly defending Silvester’s right to state his opinions, UKIP followed by performing an about face and suspending him from the party. It is yet to be seen whether suspension leads to expulsion, as surely it should. One should not need to be reminded that scripture is no way to form the basis of policy making. UKIP claims to be a “libertarian, non-racist party” and is shocked and chagrined when accused of being bigoted. A quick examination of their actions and the actions of their members would be the sensible way to get to the bottom of this. Before I eviscerate the actual political operatives of UKIP, let me just share the words of Robert Ford of Manchester University, summing up the conclusions of research into the opinions of UKIP voters (just in case you thought that their voters weren’t as nutbaggy as their politicians):

“Our research – which includes the most comprehensive analysis of the attitudes of Ukipsupporters ever conducted – shows that Ukip supporters… are more likely than supporters of any other party except the BNP to hold hostile attitudes about immigrants and ethnic minorities. UKIP supporters are more likely to agree that the government should repatriate immigrants, and allow employers to favour white job applicants. Ukip supporters are also more likely to agree that Islam poses a serious threat to Western civilization, that local councils have favoured immigrant applicants for council housing and to believe that immigrants commit most crime.”

And with that, let’s see how the party itself stands up to scrutiny:

This is their logo - no joke. Now, who do you think they REALLY represent?

This is their logo – no joke. Now, who do you think they REALLY represent?

On Equality

Jack Biggs was banned from running as a candidate because of his disability in 2007, providing evidence in support of the allegation.

UKIP shining star Alexandra Swann backed comments made by UKIP councillor Tom Bursnall that would ban unemployed persons from voting, claiming that he “had a point” and that allowing the unemployed to vote would be “dangerous”. That, presumably, includes the disabled. Interestingly, if unsurprisingly, Swann is currently completing her PhD in Social Darwinism. Hmm.

Paul Nuttall, leader Nigel Farage’s deputy, stood in defence of the Bristol hoteliers who refused to allow a gay couple to sleep in the same bed, and defended the sexist remarks of Andy Grey and Richard Keys, stating “It’s not as if he said it live on air, but, then again, so what if he had?”

Godfrey Bloom, a dickhead of monumental proportions, claimed that “no self-respecting small businessman with a brain in the right place would ever employ a lady of child-bearing age… The more women’s rights you have, it’s actually a bar to their employment.””.What did Farage have to say about this? “Dear old Godders! Godfrey’s comment has been proved so right.” Oh Dear.

UKIP expelled it’s former MEP Nikki Sinclair (a lesbian) for refusing to be involved in the extremist EFD, of which Nigel Farage is co-president.

On Islam

Founder Alan Sked, now dissociated from the party, has stated that, “Its extraordinary that at the last general election, with the country facing the greatest economic crisis since the Great Depression, [Ukip’s] flagship policy was to ban the burqa.”

UKIP peer Lord Pearson has made his position clear: “The Muslims are breeding ten times faster than us,” he said. “I don’t know at what point they reach such a number we are no longer able to resist the rest of their demands.”

Ironically, Dean Perks, UKIP parliamentary candidate, in an ill-fated attempt to garner some local muslim support stated “In my opinion, sharia law works as a prevention – and prevention is better than cure. If you think you are going to get your hand chopped off for pinching something, you won’t pinch it.” It gets worse, but you can see for yourself.

ukip-bulgaria-romania-leafletOn Immigration

UKIP once handed out leaflets claiming that our membership of the EU would allow 29 million Bulgarians and Romanians into Britain – the total population of both countries is only 28 million.

UKIP has promised to freeze permanent immigration for five years.

Abhijit Pandya, UKIP candidate for a Leicester South by-election has stated, on immigrants, that, “Above all, one should not shy away of contemplating forced repatriation, or threatening it to further assimilation, as a result of their lack of economic contribution to the UK.” OECD reports unequivocally show that immigration is of a net benefit to Britain and the EU. Why a presumably immigrant chap like Pandya should hold opinions that would see him forcibly repatriated is quite beyond me.

Ukip’s 2005 manifesto advocated that all incoming immigrants should be “subject to health checks” for “communicable diseases”.

On the EU

UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, comes in at 708 out 754 for attendance in plenary at the European Parliament. His deputy, Paul Nuttall, ranks 742nd.

Farage rails against our taxpayer cash being sent to Brussels, whilst boasting that he has racked up over £2million in expenses. That’s our £2 million, by the way.

UKIP MEP Ashley Mote was in 2007 jailed for 21 counts of benefit fraud totalling £65,000

In 2009, UKIP MEP Tom Wise (lol!) as jailed for falsely claiming expenses. That’s stealing. From us.

On it’s Far-Right Links

The founder of UKIP, Alan Sked, has left the party and now says the have become “extraordinarily right-wing” and, more devastatingly that, “They’re not an intellectually serious party. Their views on immigrants and on [banning] the burqa are morally dodgy.”

Farage likes to boast, as he did on a January edition of The Andrew Marr Show, that “Ukip is the only UK party to explicitly ban BNP members from joining”. As has been pointed out, what kind of party attracts BNP members in such numbers as to require them to be banned?

Nigel Farage is the co-president of an organisation known as Europe of Freedom and Democracy, along with Francesco Speroni of Italy’s far-right Lega Nord, who seems to think that Norwegian mass-murderer Anders Breivik’s “ideas are in defence of western civilisation.” Another member, Mario Borghezio, rants “Long live the Whites of Europe, long live our identity, our ethnicity, our race… our blue sky, like the eyes of our women. Blue, in a people who want to stay white.”

As mentioned earlier, UKIP expelled MEP Nikki Sinclair for refusing to participate in the EDF.

Christopher Monckton (more on him later), invited members of the mainly ex-BNP British Freedom Party to join UKIP, saying, “I would very much like them to come back and join us and we stand together.”

On Climate

UKIP is unambiguously climate change denialist. It has attacked wind turbines because “the net reductions in CO2 emissions are trivial or zero”. This claim was based on a climate sceptics pamphlet published by Lord Lawson’s lobby group, The Global Warming Policy Foundation, which has been found flawed by Imperial College researchers.

UKIP’s man in Scotland, Christopher Monckton is an unashamed liar and distorter of climate science. He has claimed that the real aim of UN climate change treaties is to “impose a communist world government” and has compared climate change proponents to Nazis. I could rail for hours about what a fucking bitch Monckton is, but I’ll leave it to the much more thorough (and amusing) video’s of potholer54 (I’ve only linked to one of the many videos he has made, but they’re all worth a watch).

Farage has claimed that renewables subsidies have added 12% to consumer bills. According to Ofgem’s numbers, that figure is in fact around 2%. Liar.

In a statement of profound moronity, UKIP feels that, “The correct policy approach to the non-problem of ‘global warming’ is to have the courage to do nothing”. Courage? What the living fuck are you talking about? The courage to ignore 150 years of climate science? Fuckin’-A! You nailed it, right there!

These are just a small number of the inanely disturbing positions held by the UK Idiotic Party that I could be bothered to muster. Even if you feel that some of their arguments have merit, you would be prudent to think carefully about the rest of the fucknuttery that you’d be aligning yourself with. On the one hand, perhaps they may cost the Conservatives seats in the next general election and that surely can’t be a bad thing, can it? Well, sadly, yes it could. If the Conservatives feel too threatened by UKIP, then the next coalition may be UKIP-Conservative. If you didn’t like the ConDem coalition, then you should immediately start effluviating from every orifice at the thought of that beast.


26 thoughts on “UKIP – Nutbag Wankers or Batshit Fucknuts? You decide…

  1. Pingback: UKIP – Nutbag Wankers or Batshit Fucknuts? You decide… | Jason E Cooper

    • Cheers, bud! I liked yours too – you might be interested in the articles I wrote on Fracking too, although they could do with an update in the light of the recent incentives situ…

  2. Very well put!! I really don’t understand how they have so much status, there must be some dim people in this country. I mean how often do you hear of UKIP members doing something wrong in the media. I really hope people see sense by next year!

  3. Class, my friend…sheer class. The headline had me grinning, and the copy was spot on. So much more in depth that my own brief bit of blurb that led me here.

    Have you ever considered applying for a job as a political columnist in The Daily Wail?

  4. UKIP have absolutely no appeal to the extreme left, homosexuals, paedophile protectors, criminals, radical blacks, benefit scroungers, the mentally retarded and the twitterati.
    But such folk are in a minority, although they make the most noise.
    They DO however talk the language of Mr, Mrs and Ms Jo Bloggs-who have a bit of mortgage, a bit of a job and a memory of the days when even the worst politicians knew what they were doing and the shit in the streets was from dogs, not people.
    UKIP will get 48-65% of the vote in the Euro Elections. The worst-case result in 2015 on November 2013 polling suggests seven seats at the 2015 General election.
    It is all very well to assume that the Parish Councillor who believes in God is a nutcase, but some 800,000 people still go to the C of E Churches on a Sunday and as many to more “fundamentalist” churches who believe in Leviticus 18.22 and I Corinthians 6.9-nutters with a vote.
    It is also all very well to assume that people uncomfortable about the damage caused by and the negative side of immigration are bigots–but they also vote.
    It may be reassuring to the snotty-nosed elites of all main parties to believe that the silent majority are happy to see their tax money sent to ungrateful third-world shit-holes as aid or squandered in the feckless of Benefit Street ( and every town now has a benefit street), but they are not and they vote.
    They are not as dim as the poncified elite imagine. They have noticed that Cons and LIbs and Labs have fallen over themselves to ape UKIP’s stance on a number of issues–they also guess that, on past performance, they don’t mean it.
    Now maybe there is a party that they can vote for that is not full of proven thieves and perverts–and vote they will.
    WAKE UP!

    • Just to show that I’m not into censoring comments, here’s some balls-to-the-wall loon-wailing shite from a flacid UKIP supporter. It’s a sadly ironic fact that your handle (surname?) is Lipshitz. Now I shall get back to being a poncy elite who shits on streets…

      • Dear Poncy Elite,
        1/. I am not a UKIP supporter at all, note the last line of my post. I am most definitely a “none of the above”.
        2/. My Jewish-sounding pseudonym, used to bait anti-semites and Jews, alike was chosen with care and most mugs fall for it.

        You seem to misunderstand the Not-the-same-Party phenomenon and from your lofty position of smug, superior snarkiness-simply dismiss it and just insult anyone who doesn’t conform to your own view.
        I would hazard a guess that you are too young to remember the Liberal revival in the 1970s or recall a time when nationalist parties were considered total loonies or the Third party candidates in the US in 1974-1980 or the protest vote characteristics of Canadian politics in the ’70s and ’80s.
        Both Left and Right are ignoring the fact that UKIP have found a vein of discontent and are mining it most successfully. The truth is that a large number of people over 50–possibly the majority, are still not comfortable with the obsessive promotion of Homosexuality or the way the country has changed with mass immigration, or the apparent corruption and insularity of the political class, or the (real or imagined) ineptness and partiality of the Police and the Courts towards criminals. Just sneering at such people does not alter the fact that 50-69 year old voters outnumber the 18-30 year old demographic by 3:1.
        Many of us think that the God-botherer on an Oxfordshire parish council who links State-sponsored Bumsex with floods is a bit of a nutter, but guess how many muslims, let alone Christians, agree with him?
        Do you recall how Gordon Brown signed his own political death warrant when he called an old biddy who didn’t like Darkies* a bigot?
        When you sneer at UKippers you sneer at a potential Tory, Liberal or Labour voter-apparently without even understanding their motivation-he/she may just react by sticking it to the cnut that sneered at them–wouldn’t you?

        *See Monty Python Michael Miles sketch c. 1968

      • Cor, you must be one of them Leftie tossers educated at an incomprehensible school! Congrats on your really intelligent comment.

      • What an angry little man. Angry that your comfy little world is slipping from your grasp. Awww, come and get a hug little man. Maybe I can pass you some of the gay so you cheer up a bit 😥

    • But it isn’t immigration that is screwing this country but the rich. Benefit scroungers? Oh, you mean the hard working Jo Blogs you seem to know so much about, cos that is where most benefits go to, underpaid workers and the elderly. The real benefit scroungers are the corporations who pay shit money to workers, who then have to get state top ups just to survive. Look up the figures, the tax dodging dwarfs any benefit fraud. UKIP are liked by the rich, put the blame on the poor, the immigrants, the disabled, the normal working people, so they are shafted and not the rich. Sick of hearing how the UKIP represents ordinary working class people, do they fuck!

    • Also on immigration – lots of studies done that show that immigration benefits the country, and for fuck sakes we live in the 21st century, a place where travel is quick, most cheap and easy – there is going to be immigration. Our country has a long and rich history of immigration.

      Immigrants are here to work and just get on with their lives. There is no mass conspiracy to take over our country, you wonder why people call you lot racist and fascists? It is your demonetization of whole groups of people, thinking they have some hive mind set and they all think a like, all on the same program to destroy the fabric of UK society – it is fucking nuts!

      Here to rip off our welfare system? Are you crazy? Do you know how hard it is for immigrants to get benefits and how little they get if hey can? Look up the actual facts.

      Maybe if we had a fairer global system then there wouldn’t be so many people having to leave their homes to find better opportunities – want to tackle immigration, well start there!

      Again, blame the poor, blame the immigrants but don’t blame the real reasons why our society is getting screwed, why there is no social housing, NHS being sold off, no money for communities – seriously you think immigrants could cause that much damage? You really are deluded.

  5. The fear I have is that his remarks about God punishing us for equal marriage may encourage UKIP voters, who have to be nuttier than their representatives. Thank God Farridge is a coward, and suspended him. I want them divided.

    Then again, they will take Tory votes in 2015, in Tory marginals.

  6. Brilliant article!
    I haven’t read a better advertisement for the UK Independence Party for a very long time. How much is Nigel paying you?

  7. With a little more time it gets better. Farage disowns a manifesto he signed, calls for handguns to be legalised and as i understand it, wants a further purge of UKIP’s nutters. He just keeps on giving doesn’t he?

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