Wingnut of the Week – Australian PM Tony Abbott

0,,17073174_303,00Aussie politics is a strange bugger. Far be it from me to comment on the politics of another nation (ahem)… but I just can’t help it when my wingnut detector goes this ape. I’m not sure that you can even fit Australian politics into a traditional Overton window – Liberal in Australia seems to mean economically neo-liberal, as opposed to socially and democratically liberal, as we’d been led to believe.

Just to be clear, I’m not trying to set us (here in the UK) up on some kind of pedestal – if you’ve ever read anything I’ve written, you know how ridiculous that would be. No, the reality is that Australia is important to the rest of the world. Their natural resources are of major importance world-wide. The environmental status of Australia is a standard candle for the health of the global environment and, being a leading developed nation, it falls to them to help lead the way in environmental protection.

With a less singular focus, the leadership of western democracies has been falling further and further into the hands of neo-liberal administrations – administrations who’s main job is making sure the international cartels get exactly whatever the fuck they want. It looked like Australia had moved a step away from that position with the election of Julia Gillard (an atheist in office? Gets my vote). The world breathed a brief sigh of relief until…

With a face so taut it has been speculated (by me) that it may be pinned to his arse with staples, Tony Abbott enters stage left. Brandishing a Catholic Seminary education, the winds of change begin to blow a howling gale, as Planet Earth collectively shits itself. I mean, if Tone is going to dump a load of shit on your most sensitive areas, you may as well prepare the ground, no?

Tony just loves to get his facial of a fine morning...

Tony just loves to get his facial of a fine morning…

So far, he’s shown himself to be a violent, misogynistic, antipathetic weasel with no regard for people or the environment – qualities which make him roughly perfect for the job of sucking corporate cock. It’s not even as if he hid these characteristics particularly well before his election – his face-palm moments have been well documented since the very beginning of his political life.

So what the bastard fuck made Australia vote him into power? Fear, that’s what. It’s the same tactic that the right has used to win elections for years all over the world – the same reason Britain voted that puffy-faced cack-spewer David Cameron in. By hijacking the narratives of conservatives in other countries, Abbot and his ilk have miraculously convinced a nation that is, in point of fact, doing pretty well that it is, in fact, about to implode. Australia has survived the economic crisis with little overall exposure, and mining interests have kept the economy afloat. At the height of the global financial collapse, the nation had a A$22 billion surplus. Wages are high. Income inequality, though rising (where isn’t it?), is rising slower than in most developed nations. The renewables sector has grown, and targets set for a reduction in carbon output.

But this is changing all too rapidly now that Abbott has enthroned himself on his steaming heap of reality-denying fecal matter. And so, without further ado… it’s list time!

Tone on the environment:


Tone on the economy:

Tone on gender and equality:

I could go on, but to be honest, this guy is really starting to piss me the fuck off. Where do these people get off? What fucking century is this? In the only good news to be found, it seems that Australians may have begun to realise that they’ve voted in the biggest schmuck in the shitpit – polls suggest that after only two months in power, his approval ratings were only 40%. It’s a sad day for Australia, and it’s due to be a bloody long three years to come…


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    • Thanks Ed! I thoroughly enjoyed your post also – it gave some useful economic analysis of what is really going on in our ostensibly ‘free’ market, and why it is discredited.

      A bit (*cough*) of irreverence is the name of the game in getting the message out – the folks out there already know things are fucked, they just want some reportage that keeps it real!

      Feel free to reblog it or otherwise disseminate – the rest of the world must know about these corporate schills wherever they appear. It is scary how similar Abbot and Cameron are, although it does seem that Abbot takes the cake for brainless fuckwaddery!

      Follow the blog for more, and if you like you can get a daily feed from my facebook page -

      Great to find you, I am firmly following yer blog!

      • Firstly, many thanks for the kind words and I’ll try to keep ‘The Post’ up to the high standards of the Politicoid. From reading the below comments, you’ve certainly stirred a hornet’s nest here in the Antipodes, and more strength to your arm! One of the things that I greatly admire about the British Left from Wat Tyler onwards, is that you don’t pull many punches. Keep it up!
        End neo-liberalism NOW!
        Full employment NOW!
        Vive la Causa!

      • Labor has their own probs with the corruption in the Unions happening, making a farce of the good the Unions do. The misogyny speech was planned to divert attention from Ms Gillards front page of the paper article on her involvement with missing/embezzled Union money. All bad as each other. Abbott at least hasn’t ripped money off or blamed everyone for misogyny.

      • Whilst it is true that Labor are little better it is predominantly due to them succumbing to the unrelenting pressure put on by idiot boy Abbott and the feral Murdoch press. Looming electoral wipeout forced them into a corner and they lost their balls. To bring Gillard into the discussion is just a distraction. Gillard is gone and is now three PM’s ago, Abbott is here. Oscar, you may recall Abbott is also infamous for duping the country by charging travel allowance for when keeping up his fitness regime (picture a yellow skinned Putin) and when ‘volunteering’ his time with indigenous communities. As well as assaulting a woman and calling a convicted pedophile who he gave a character reference to a ‘beacon of humanity’ so kept him out of prison, he is nothing but a low life.

      • Of course Oscar, when Abbott and co quickly and shiftily paid back all the money they owed for ‘trips to iron man triathlons and weddings’. No, haven’t ripped anyone off at all. Only difference is, when Peter Slipper got caught doing the EXACT same thing, they persecuted him no end. Where were the collective do-gooders complaining about all the money the Liberals took liberty of thinking could be ‘official spending’. When any one with half a brain could tell they were no better than the Labor counterparts. Thanks to Abbott’s ‘friendship’ with Murdoch, the media persecuted Julia, convincing many simpletons that she was the worst prime minister we ever had. When all evidence speaks to the contrary.

      • Spot on Kp – Julia Gillard DID pick up the pieces and DID do good things for the Aust. people. Thank God she has a ‘thick hide’ as most people would have ‘buckled’ under the disgusting comments thrown at her. Good on her for not just fighting against the ‘male’ attitudes of some politicians, but for pushing through some good legislation. It is a pity that most people just focus on one person instead of looking at the whole party (whichever one) and don’t really see what is going on behind the scenes. I am glad we have now had our first female Prime Minister. She showed how politics CAN be done in a better way.

      • ALP far better, unfortunately there were problems with the factions but all in all, they had good policies, they were governing well, looking after our environment, looking after the constituents, and had three agencies giving them AAA credit ratings. Certainly they were better, and had high calibre ministers, not like the LNP mob.

    • Nice article…. Can’t disagree with too much, but you’ve got a couple of facts wrong!
      1. His face is pinned to his scrotum – when pinned to his arse there were still left a few wrinkles.
      2. We didn’t vote the prick in because of fear, oh no! We knew he was a prick, we just decided he was ever so slightly more tolerable than the previous left wing socialist clowns who took their “clowndom” so seriously they started the national circus.

      Which is more embarrassing? Hmmm….. tough call.

      You know its bad when the cretins start telling companies they are paying their workers too much. Yeah, these are the same workers who elected these neo-nasties in the first place!


      • I agree. Tony only got in because of the mess between Rudd and Julia and labor in general. There was a lot of complaining, but not a lot of damage seemed to be happening. Tony on the other hand is actually doing dangerous stuff. I wish the party would kick him out because he’s just making it a nightmare for everyone

    • He sure is a shame job. he makes John Howard look benign. Australia has lost its fair go feel. The boguns have fused with the rednecks to form a cacky haze over the entire continent; it is the new wide brown land.

  1. At least Cameron had the balls to criticise the Sri Lankan government over war crimes at CHOGM. Abbott gave them a couple of warships! Probably can’t work out who the ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’ are in this conflict. Moron.

      • Maybe so, but enough fools voted for his christian mob to soil our parliament, even though it’s now almost impossible to find anybody who is prepared to admit they voted for the Tories.
        Abbotttoir et al are disgusting.

  2. Can I add to the list?

    * Many government activities are now cloaked in secrecy.
    * Our national broadcaster appears about to suffer swingeing budget cuts to bring it to heel.
    * Any criticism is deemed ‘unAustralian’

    Each new day brings fresh outrages against common decency and common sense.


  3. I wouldn’t call him a ‘cunt’ …, ‘cunts are useful…yes…yes…yes πŸ˜€
    I would call him an ankle….. three foot lower than a ‘cunt’.
    Great post…..( for a POHM.) thanx. πŸ˜†

  4. ” So why can’t I call Abbott a cunt, as do so many others?

    I’ve long been ambivalent towards the co-option of this female body part to perform as the worst expletive Western culture can manage. I acknowledge the admirably explosive possibilities of the cunt word. Its unique ability to convey a profound, rage-filled and terminal contempt is undeniable.

    And yet, and yet and yet…

    The cunt houses the only human body part whose sole purpose is to provide its owner with pleasure. How this can possibly bear any relation to Tony Abbott I’m damned if I know.”

  5. The reason Abbott got voted in was largely to do with the asylum seeker issue. It is a big issue with a lot of voters. Abbott used this issue and the Carbon tax to scare people.
    He is one of the lowest life forms I have seen and with the support of the Murdoch media and the mining industry he was able to get his lies accepted as the truth.
    The problem is that only a small percentage of the public follow politics carefully and the noise of his backers are very loud.
    Overall Australia was heading in a good direction under the previous Labor government but unfortunately the new direction under the Liberals will be almost opposite in every way. They are determined to destroy as much as possible of Labor achievments. It’s an ideoligical hatred of the Left that drives Abbott and his NeoLiberal followers.
    For the Liberals to lose at the next election a severe economic downturn would be needed. Many Australians have become very money centred and would sell their grandmother if it meant an extra buck in their pocket.
    You may also like to add his Paid Parental Leave scheme to your list of ideotic ideas from Abbott. He plans to give ‘women of calibre’ (his words) $75,000 to women earning $150,000 or more for each child they have. This will ultimately be paid for by the general tax payer.
    Please help us get rid of the Liberals.
    We need more independents.

    • So right and spot on. It is a sad time for Australia – how low CAN we go. No further I hope. 3 years with this archaic attitude will anialate the Aussie icon of ‘Goodday Mate’ for there won’t be many good days with Abbott around. If he manages to touch the Pensions there will be a revolution. Please people – rise up and let us get a new election soon……

      • There are marches happening all around Australia next month, check it out and be there if you can…he needs to go and see that we are not going to put up with his shit…our freedom of choice and speech will be next to go….

      • I think the ageing population will be the perfect excuse to scrap or heavily reduce the pensions available……we are being pre-empted for it, by hockey with his golden ‘age of entitlement speech’…..maybe revolution it will be ?

  6. Politcoid, Thanks for a fine piece, and it’s good to know that there are others around the world who see what a knob we have for a leader πŸ‘Ώ

    The reason that his fear campaigns were so successful is because Murdoch backed his lies the whole way through using all of his News LTD (read LTD News) resources πŸ‘Ώ

    Thanks also for commenting on my little Antipodean lefty blog:

    It’s great to have one of our UK visitors comment, and to know that there are other in tune members of the global village that see the stupidity, and more importantly the danger, that someone like Abbott represents 😈

    So thanks again for popping in to say hello, and for your interest in our plight πŸ˜€ and I hope you can join us again. πŸ˜€

    Keep up the good work 😎 and feel free to keep us informed as to what you are up to.

    Cheers πŸ˜€

  7. Absolutely spot on, and glad this weak, yellow weasel is getting the negative international attention he deserves. How this moron duped most of an entire nation is utterly beyond me, we must be the most gullible nation on the planet. With the absolute backing of criminally biased Murdoch shitrags he reeled out a bunch of vacuous, baseless, meaningless slogans and the Aussie public swallowed it like a $9 hooker. Now we have a gutless, mindless fascist in charge, hell bent on destruction.
    Yes, I’m afraid. Afraid for the future of this once great nation….

    • No not all of the Aussie public swallowed it by a long shot- he did not win by a majority- but by secondary votes. ALP actually got more primary votes. A lot of nongs voted for the mining moron Palmer- in protest against ALP but didn’t realise their votes would slide to the Libs.. yeah sorry for the dumb ones- but they are waking up to it – but slowly, cause the Murdoch press that they read wont be trumpeting about the broken promises and bad policies to anyone

    • Pull your head in Rod, you deadshit! The amount of absolute excretia that just flowed from your fat head was disgusting. “this once great country” you speak of was absolutely raped and pillaged by 2 terms of ALP mismanagement. Fucking hilarious how you fascist Labor scum are so blind to what is so clearly happening right in front of your eyes.

      As far as $9 hookers go. Stop being so rude to them, if your mother had the foresight to swallow then this “once great country” might still be great.

      To many foreigners in Labor ranks, all these British and bogan accents together in the party room. No wonder the whole Labor movement couldn’t go a day without trying to knife each other.

      As for Labor passion: Fucking school teachers, union leaders and failed lawyers running a country successfully. Yeah, I’d like to see that… Fucking losers. You can’t even lose with an ounce of dignity.


      • Great… lets ship all those damned fucking foreigners back to where they came from… Franco Cozzo… sounds like a really aboriginal name there… on the fucking boat with you you dirty foreigner… dont worry… you will have your main squeeze along with you. Teflon Tony was born in England you deadshit… he isnt even a native born white Australian.

        And while you are about insulting people with insinuations and innuendo I might just pop up and and sling a few at you because you’re such a big tough internet keyboard warrior picking on other people who are just here to comment on the shit that Teflon Tony is pumping up your arse.

        Insinuating that Rod’s mum is a $9 hooker is just not on, but then again, she sounds like she is about 9 times more expensive than your’s. And as for you and your personality… it sounds like the best of you ran down your mum’s crack and left a brown stain on the sheets. You are the poster child of immaculate conception. You’re dad had a wet dream and your mum rolled in it.

        And before you start on me about the foreigner bit… my family arrived in Australia in the 1840’s and helped build the country into the great country that it was… most of Victoria is what it is today because of my family. So when did your family show up and what did they do for the country apart from lowering the tone of the place by having you?

        If you want to get all hardcore about insulting people… how about you pick on me… because I will destroy you in any type of debate about politic’s, religion and your parentage.

        I am willing to die for my country and what I believe in… can you say the same?

      • Good on you Mark. How right u r! This page is for people to vent their feelings about the Govt. not to attack the people on this page. I get a good laugh from some of the comments, and sometimes wonder how ignornt others r when they sprout off without getting the facts first and looking deeper in the situation they r discussing. If I were You (and I have been there with this one), I would not bother to answer this foul-mouthed Troll again. The best way to deal with Trolls is to let them ‘vent’ all they like, but ignore their messages. We can delate them you know. In tht way we ignore them completely, and then he will have NO ‘fire’ to warm his small brain. Enjoyed your answer.

      • @Owlwoman I know I should ignore stupid people who seem to be depriving villages in Eastern Europe of their local fools and who also seem to be decided oxygen thieves… but I like abusing trolls who go out of their way to try and insult other people who are just trying to post their views and thoughts on a subject that is quite decisive ATM… a bit like the coming war between Ukraine and the west vs Russia.

        A few people dont think that anything is going to happen, but you have a bunch of hardliners back in power in Russia and they want their old empire back and so they are slowly taking it back one oblast at a time. I dont know if the Politicoid is going to be interested, but I have started writing an opinion piece on what I think is going through Vladimir Putin’s head at the moment… and I dont think that it is rational thought really.

        And unfortunately, we have a right fuckwit in Teflon Tony who is going to go sailing off… or more to the point, he is going to send our soldiers sailing off into the distance to fight in a war that morons like Putin and Teflon want…

        And I can tell you this for nothing… if Teflon Tony gets us involved in a war with Russia there is going to be bloody hell to pay.

      • There sure is!!! He has to be ousted. Sign the petitions to Gov. Gen. if u haven’t already. T A is bad news all the way. Doesn’t seem to see the ripples in the pond he is standing in. Absolute idiot.

      • Teflon Tony has pretty much proclaimed that he is a prime minister with a long term view on things… which is ok… if you weren’t raising mountains in the short term. Typical farsighted idiot… cant see the trees for the forest that he is currently trying to cut down!

  8. UK readers might need to know that Murdoch has a tighter grip on the press here than anywhere else.

    What got Tone in was a hate-campaign waged against a childless, female Julia Gillard. Of the course the two-party democratic ‘default’ option was Tony Abbott leading this other mob. I doubt very few Australians liked or trusted him at the time. It felt like a rage-vote that everyone will come to regret later.

  9. Yep, I am ashamed of my fellow Aussies. The ignorance they have shown by giving this pathetic little weasel power disgusts me.
    Now, no-one will admit to voting for him but I know who did and I have “de-friended” all of the bloody morons.

    • Building cock head. I voted for him. Most people I know proudly voted for him. Labor couldn’t support its own leaders for more than a few hours before they would sabotage each others attempts at leading something that was either un-leadable or not worth leading.

      So speak for yourself you moron. And don’t you dare apologize to Britain for a choice that my country clearly made.

  10. Cheers and great post. I always thought of him as “our” problem, but I realise that he is a major step back for the whole world. Sorry about the Reef and the Tasmanian forests. If you wanted to see them, you had better be quick 😦

  11. The demise of the free press and the independent and honourable Editors/ Journalists is the direct cause of this unmitigated disaster. Most of the population were just going about their business and then the the massive fear/hate campaign hit them on every front. The very worst of traits of my country were magnified and extended; racism, sexism, fear-based conservative leanings, anti-science, anti-environmentalism and general selfishness. Anyone without extended interests in politics and an online source of information was overtly LIED to, this was serious propaganda and blatant manipulation of the population by the private interests who pull the strings on political puppets. Chilling in its effectiveness and in the difficulty of fighting the misinformation.

    • Well said and totally TRUE! People really need to wake up to the ‘fullness’ of politics. It is not like it used to be – nuch worse now. Not many people have had enough interest in politics, and have not used their own truth re how things really r, to make decent decisions. Transparency?? What’s that?? Wake up Aussies, and get our country “Back on Track” by keeping the polies as honest as we can !!. Thanks, Katt, for YOUR truth which in reality is THE Truth!

  12. The australian people didn’t vote him in. They voted the ALP out. I shoot some of the blame home to Rudd, frankly – the most destructive, self-centred, complete tool the A LP ever saw. It will take some years to really see just how much damage the ALP did to make themselves so unelectable – really opening themselves up to let the Murdoch press rip them to shreds, instead of just backing Gillard properly.

    • As has been pointed out many times, Labor did nothing wrong except change leaders mid-stream (the libs have done the leader change often and are masters, but never mid-stream) and introduce a carbon tax that the whole world except for Australia applauded. For the most part, many Aussies simply hated Julia for no reason in particular, some just didn’t like the looks of her or the fact that she was a woman! I have known Labor voters amongst my friends who went the other way because she was elected leader because she was Julia…

      • To be fair, the ALP swapped leaders twice, after Rudd was dropped first time he spent the next 3 years white anting Gillard at every opportunity until he was reinstalled at the eleventh hour. I do believe he bears a lot of the responsibility for Abbott’s ascendance.

      • The last fed ALP government wasn’t having a very good record. May have been because of the close parliament but probably more likely to the crap happening behind the scenes.

        I definitely agree with Helen’s point that people voted ALP out. Have a look at what happened in QLD. Labor managed 3 seats or something silly. Also look at the record number of minor parties that got elected.

        Australia ALWAYS revenge votes. Next state election in QLD, it’s going to be against the LNP. It’ll be the same in Tasmania soon.

        Let’s just hope beyond hope that Lundlam holds his senate spot after the WA by-election

    • The Australian people DID vote him in .. They agreed with him on all the racist, isolationist, homophobic, and money grabbing policies he spouted before the election .. Australia has turned extremely selfish and it is about time they took a good look at themselves .. IF they were really intent on showing their displeasure at the Labor party only, they could have voted for a different party altogether (there are plenty of more intelligent options) but instead, voted for the worst party they could have .. THEY KNEW THE ABBOTT POLICIES .. Abbott voters should hang their heads in shame ..

      • Bob, I agree that Australia agreed with his racist, isolationist, homophobic and money grubbing policies. I would also point out that these were encouraged by the Howard Government; in fact I blame Howard for the current mess – Abbott is his poster boy. The ALP moved from the left of the Hawke/Keating government to the right to compete with Howard. I miss the politicians who were Statesmen – Fraser (LNP, interestingly hates Abbott), Hawke, Keating, Gareth Evans et al).

      • So do I, Wendy. I quote Bob Hawke from an interview: ‘All Australians need to read the History of Australian politics – both parties (all) and see the pattern there.” We had a GOOD life back then when the ‘Statesmen’ had decency, not all this nasty attacking we have now. Obviously there was political ploys going on back then, but it was not like now. I find it all very disgusting – what happened to having an ‘adult’ attitude. Fed up with the kindergarten antics!!!

      • Hey obviously there are people all around the world in poverty. I was relating how life was good back in the 70’s and 80’s EVEN if we did not have much money. Now, everyone on under 50,000 per year, is struggling to just survive (esp. if they have children). The dollar value was much better then too – it went further. All I am stating is there is not as much ‘fun’ now, and a LOT more stress for people in general.

    • I agree and also feel Murdoch’s press had a lot to do with the division in the Labor Party by bashing Julia Gillard and thereby sucking Kevin Rudd into thinking he had a chance. Murdoch is even lower than an ankle, his power and reach is frightening. Apart from voting, social media/internet is our only other option for change. Use it or lose it.

    • Bullshit cock head. I voted for him. Most people I know proudly voted for him. Labor couldn’t support its own leaders for more than a few hours before they would sabotage each others attempts at leading something that was either un-leadable or not worth leading.

      So speak for yourself you moron. And don’t you dare apologize to Britain for a choice that my country clearly made.

    • Trust me I know how you feel – my countrymen voted David Cameron in. He’s a clone of Abbott, but with a more sneaky brain. Luckily, I get to vote for Independence from the motherland in September…

  13. Let’s not forget all his other sterling achievements…
    This is a dangerous government, anti science, anti environment, anti working class, anti women and indigenous people, anti immigration, anti asylum seeker…the only things he obviously stands for are ‘the economy’ as if a government can actually manage that out of control elephant, lower taxes ( for all his wealthy mates), lower wages and smashing the unions, no media scrutiny of the government or big business…and all of these he is completely incompetent at. If he was even halfway intelligent then I think we should be very worried indeed.
    There is a nation wide protest in March being organised now to show public lack of confidence in his policies. Any publicity you can get out there would be most welcome, and we are encouraging overseas media to get on board, expat Aussies and concerned global citizens. If someone cannot march then they are encouraged to use social media to put their support online.

    • That’s wicked. I will definitely get an article out in time for the March to try and get folks motivated – how well read it is is largely dependent on the readers, but judging by how popular this post has been (so far the second most popular I’ve ever written), it shouldn’t be a problem.

      It is pretty clear that the Australian public has realised the massive mistake made by electing this uncouth troglodite, so I wish you all luck. I for my part, will get the word spread!

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  15. Excellent piece you have written there, despite the difficulty finding something appropriate to compare with this dickhead.
    As others have pointed out already, he wasn’t voted in the other dickheads were voted out. The sad part is in three years this dichead will be voted out and we get the other dickheads back. You see, we don’t get to choose someone with integrity or even a brain capable of rational thought. We just get to choose who we don’t want. I think most Australians now realise that the only difference is that the government has stopped using lube. Hopefully, next time around we will get independants representing their communities and not more criminals representing their parties.

    • Yeah, it’s a sham. When you only have the choice of the lesser of evils, it’s no choice at all. Sadly that is the case in the majority of democracies. There is a way out – revamp the voting systems to be more direct and more proportionalm and prevent media monopolies (most people in Aus don’t seem to realise that Murdoch is as potent a force in the UK and USA as he is in Aus)

      • I live in Darwin, NT. I built the computerised transcription system in the NT Supreme Court (and all the other courts) at the turn of the century. I made the mistake of going to the local Murdoch rag “NT News” when I discovered that someone had destroyed all the court recordings on the main transcription server.
        I thought at first that the attack was because I had “made noises” about a government minister (Marion Scrymgour) blatantly deceiving a federal court hearing by sending a lawyer (Eileen Terrill) to lie in court on her behalf. Terrill was assisted in the deceit by another lawyer (Janet Terry (now promoted to Federal Magistrate)) who also lied to the court. What I didn’t know at the time was that the deleted recordings also contained recorded evidence of the misconduct of a magistrate (Anthony Gillies, rumoured to be a paedophile) and the official recordings of the Bradley John Murdoch committal hearings (I knew BJM committal was on there).
        At the indirect request of the Chief Justice I hacked into four of the recording machines so the Supreme courts could resume sitting on the day of the attack. Then over the following month, I recovered every last second of those recordings and the transcripts. I complained that the destruction of the server was an “inside job”, I was ignored. I had a personal interest in the lying minister so I complained further. I was again, ignored. I went to the NT News, spoke with a reporter gave him some personal recordings that I had (not court recordings, these recordings were legally mine) that related to the family services dept. knowingly permitting adult males to have sex with children. Within four days I was in Berrimah Prison charged with cultivating a $750 000 cannabis crop that I now know, did not actually exist. That same day, the TV and radio ran the story of my “bust” complete with pictures and video the following day NT news ran the story with photographs of a cannabis crop. I have since discovered that this police operation to put me in jail was run by Superintendent Bruce Grant.
        I applied for bail approximately three weeks later. Despite my lawyer hunting them down and legally demanding them, not a single photograph or moment of video could be presented at the bail hearing. I was kept in jail and even locked in solitary confinement for reasons that to this day, have still not been explained.
        Whilst at the jail in the remand section, I met Bradley John Murdoch. On a few occasions he asked me to help him with his computer. This computer was supposed to contain all the police computer evidence against him. Having now seen both sides of what was going on I could see that the evidence he was given on this computer, by court order, was in fact incomplete. It had been tampered with to make it virtually useless and he, as the user was locked out of most of the computer and I could see where his captors were accessing the machine to spy on him. I offered to β€œmend” the problems for him but he was concerned that he would lose access to the information that he did have, despite my advice that it had in fact been tampered with.
        I was visited on a number of occasions at the jail and in the Courts, by a bunch of federal agents that call themselves the Australian Crime Commission; they made it clear to me that if I did not plead guilty I would be held in prison on remand for at least 18 months but they said they could drag that out too. I had no reason to doubt the claims of these government sponsored criminals. They said that a guilty plea would get me out of jail with a total of four months served. That was eight weeks away so I went with their offer.
        Sure enough I was out eight weeks later. That is when I discovered that the servers had been attacked again and all the recordings destroyed, again. Even the backup tapes I had made were destroyed, in a safe in another part of the building. The misconduct case against magistrate Gilles was dropped, he was given a two million dollar payout, and then he shot through like a rat up an aqueduct.

  16. You need spend just a minute getting to know the beautiful work of Eve Ensler to only use the word cunt in admiration, devotion and worship. The sacred cunt is the bringer of life, of your life too. I think you learnt something – thank you – though I am not sure why you are ROFLMAO about it. I don’t have an adjective for Tones (as we call him in Oz), but my husband thinks he has brain trauma from boxing which means he can’t think in nuance. The treatment of asylum seekers is a deliberate ploy to gather in the disenfranchised and impoverished (as a result of government policies). The more this is discussed the better. Good luck to you.

  17. Abbott reflects and represents this myopic and contemptible nation more accurately than any other PM in it’s short and shitty history! I can tell you that cos I have observed Oz politics at close quarters for a couple of decades now. Don’t get distracted by shiny opinion polls! This guy serves up the type of shit Australia loves to lap up by the plate load. I predicted he would be PM 3 years ago and people laughed in my face. He’ll be around for 3 terms at least. As long as there are refugees to blame to for all the misery in Australia it’ll be like shooting fish in a barrel – or at former colonial penal colony! #AIF

  18. Interesting and insight full view point Politicoid.

    For comparison Australian LNP (Liberal/National coalition Party is the full name) is roughly equivalent to the US tea party. National MP Barnaby Joyce would be comfortably compared with either Michelle Bachman or Sarah Palin – in both rhetoric or intelligence.

    Nationals are the gun toting rednecks of Australia.

    Just for your reference – there is another option. The Greens are a socially conscious, grass roots democratic, environmental party – but Rupert has forbidden any of his media to even mention us, unless it is totally unavoidable…

  19. Firstly, I object to you using the word ‘cunt’ in such a derogatory way and in association with Mr Abbott, whose policies I abhor. My female parts, having borne two children, are far more productive than his term in office will ever be (yes I know he’s a father but it’s not the same…).
    Secondly, the daft Aussies voted him in did so largely because Labor was doing a highly fine job of self destructing and making themselves totally unelectable.
    What shits me, as a journalist, is the right-wing (read: Murdoch) media’s obsession with all things Abbott and their inability to recognise the good works that the Labor government achieved in between the cock-ups (there were plenty both ways).
    So we may have one of the strongest economies in the world, but you’d never believe it reading The Australian etc.
    Carbon Tax? – isn’t that why we’re paying more for electricity (no, it’s because the power companies have been privatised and are now price-gouging with impunity).
    And as for the refugees arriving by boats issue – don’t get me started; they’re both bastards but sadly, too many Australians seem to think the country’s full and we should lock out anyone who doesn’t speak fluent English and eat pork sausages while waving an Aussie flag…..

    • When the millions of refugees land on our shores will our bankrupt farmers be expected to feed them for free , Maybe they could fish for a living , Oh that’s right “we’re “not allowed to fish , They could always work for a living , That’s right they’re not allowed to work and there aren’t any jobs anyway ,Perhaps they can move my children out of their public housing and replace them with refugee families and supply them with free tobacco . My great grandson will miss his little room but what the hay.

  20. Great article, I think it accurately reflects the views of a large number of voting Aussies. That is, on the result of the election: “What the fuck?”
    I believe a large part of the problem here lies in our indecipherably complex and convoluted voting system. I tried to read up on the whole preferences shamozzle so i would know how best to vote and gave up after several days of torment.
    It seems we somehow ended up with “One Person, One Vote, One Ankle (in power)”
    While I will freely admit to cursing out Labour on many occasions they were doing a reasonable job of not-fucking-things-up.
    The boats will keep coming fucking regardless, because even being in detention in Aus is better than being willfully murdered where the refugees come from.
    The NBN, which outraged people with room temperature IQ’s and issues distinguishing between ADSL & Dial-Up was going to be a proper FTTH, future capable infrastructure. Liberals scared people with the final price tag of $32 Billion, never mind $11B had already been paid to Telstra for the existing copper network, so what will we get in the end? A small percentage with true FTTH (i will be one of them *slightly smug grin*) and everyone else with minimal improvement as the copper network continues to degrade and age…
    Then add on Tone’s attitude towards Defence (we need bigger EVERYTHING, buys stuff from the bloody Yanks), Environment (*shudders*) and human rights….
    Maybe we could get on the Middle East bandwagon and push for a People’s Coup?? (j/k – he’s probably monitoring your blog now Politicoid)

  21. Sadly, I don’t think Australians are realising their mistake because the ones that voted this government in are still reading The Herald Sun, The Telegraph and The Australian. The best we can hope is that Malcolm Turnbull will challenge for leadership. At least Turnbull takes climate change seriously.

  22. We didn’t all vote for him!!! And now those of us who vehemently opposed his election just sit here with head in hands while he destroys so many things we care about that it’s hard to do anything but spin in circles of desperation. Seriously, he’s an evil motherfucker – if he decided to just destroy the Great Barrier Reef, it’d be easy to stop. But when you divide the protesters between sharks, gay rights, the reef, refugees, tassie forests, mining, education ‘reform’, and tax cuts for the rich, you reduce the proportion of the population that give a shit to tiny insignificant groups. He’s our George W with the exception of him not being an idiot; he’s just completely exempt of morals. Somehow saying you’re a’christian’ and trained to be a priest counteracts every single act you’ve made in your adult life. It’s embarrassing and terrifying. All I can do is apologise to the rest of the world.

    • Couldn’t have said it better. Yhx Rosie and my apologies to the rest of the world too. How did this happen really???? Did not think us Aussies were that blinkered to not see what was going on before the election. It still puzzles me how TA got in, except for the pref. votes and the big Cos. – starting to sound like American politcs of the past.

  23. You are as much a low life as your disgusting foul mouthed posts. Which contain no truth in them. Interesting you waste your time and money here.

    • I kept scrolling down the comments to see when the negative ones would start! Thank you, dickweed, for ending my long search. And thank you, also, Asshole Parthenon, for voting the most contemptable piece of garbage I have ever seen to be the leader of the country I am a citizen of. I hope you’re either a millionaire or about to die, because those are the only ways you’ll avoid Phony-Tony-Baloney and his gang of morons plundering your orifices for all the money they can get.

  24. I never imagined I’d ever say this, but Assassination appears to be the only way to get us out of this mess, before our beautiful country is destroyed forever.

  25. And let’s not forget that he is happy to sit back and let the heart of this country it’s farmers suffer and end their lives because of drought. I didn’t vote for this idiot never would and hope those who did are realising what a dumb arse mistake they have made … Your blog says it all well said..

  26. It was not fear that caused the people to vote the Liberal party into power. First of all, we do not vote a single person, but a party.

    It was the belief there was no alternative at the time. Australians basically vote for 2 parties and won’t trust any other with running the country, so we are left with the ultra conservative option or the not as conservative option (any notion of a democratic party here basically died somewhere around the mid 80s.).

    Secondly, read up on Australian political history if you want to know why our Liberal party is the conservative one. In the beginning of politics in this country, we only had one group running the place – the English. The first group to form and try to wrestle power from the English were the free land owners – who called themselves Liberals – because at the time that is what being liberal was about.

    It is after time passed and beliefs changed that their view of ‘liberal’ had become seen as conservative, so the Labor party was formed, originally with socialist principles. So no, we do not have some arse backwards understanding of what Liberal means. We understand it very well, that’s why we talk about the Big L party and small l politics.

    • Interesting. So you guys do big L and small l instead of big C and small c. Makes a bit more sense now. I wasn’t suggesting you’re arse backwards, just that it doesn’t fit the ‘traditional’ concept…

      • Probably less than 10% of Aussies could tell you the difference anyway. The Labor party are also gradually becoming the opposite of what they are supposed to be. The Greens are the only party attempting to hold the corporate invasion at bay, but with only about 8% of the vote on average, they’re pushing shit uphill without a wheelbarrow. Oh yeah, sorry about the weather you guys have been having. As a resident of the Hunter Valley, NSW- Coal capital of the world, I can’t help but feel at least partly responsible. We’re really trying to get them to knock that shit off, but you know, corporate slaves and all that. Nice article by the way.

      • Neil – I take it you are an unemployed basketweaver in the Hunter Valley who raids grape vines to make your own hooch. Besides wineries, the only other jobs are dairy farms, horses or coal. I cant see you getting up at 4.00am to milk cows, pruning grape vines would be beyond your mental capacities. So what do you do for a crust ????

      • Absolutely it doesn’t to an outsider. But as I said, if you understood the history of politics in Australia, then it would make sense.

  27. This piece is full of derogatory language and one sided views from a left wing hypocrite. You make absolutely no mention of the fact we are $600+ billion in a debt deficit because of the former Labor government and the current government is on track to mend this issue.

    Any accusations against Abbott for so called misogyny are misconstruing the meaning of misogyny – especially considering Abbott’s chief of staff is a woman, and many senior advisors in his office are women.

    The Coalition government was voted in by the Australian people, and Abbott was voted in by the Liberal Party and he is the Prime Minister. Deal with it. If you can’t respect it then you are hopeless. I could go on but since you have resorted to swearing so much in this article, I take it you are not the sort of person who could possibly be reasoned with by logic.

    • Much as I respect your opinion, it seems that you are in an epic minority here. So how about YOU deal with it. If you don’t understand what logic is, that’s not something I can be bothered helping you with. And if you can’t deal with a few swear words, then good luck in life period.

    • LMAO you FAIL to mention that the libs have now RAISED the debt ceiling, destroyed the car industry altogether (and i quote: ” Liberating the workers from their jobs”), seriously get your head out of the sand and see what they are doing to the country instead of beleiving everything you read from murdochs files of wisdom

    • Should we respect him as much as he respected Julia Gillard when she was PM? He is a shameless, mysogonistic, hypocritical psychopath. Notice how he trotted out the pretty daughters during the election campaign? Haven’t seen his wife or daughters since then – obviously just brings them out for “sex appeal” value – we all know the sexist, lecherous dog likes a bit of sex appeal. So much for his respect for women!

    • Well that is all horseshit, your beginning statement of being 600+ billion in debt is actually crap, HoJo (Jo Hockey for the internationists is our current “treasurer”, for want of better term for a innumerate non-economist). Hockey pleaded for a deal to increase the debt, under his control, to 500 billion, you brown shirt oxygen thief.

    • Are you sure Australia is in $600+billion debt deficit, or is that just what Abbott told you? Will you feel better when said Abbott tips the country into recession? Abbott is already on record moaning that the ALP prevented the country’s finances going into meltdown, which he clearly thinks should have happened.

      As for misogyny – are you sure you know what the word means? I have doubts if you cannot see its evidence in Abbott and his government policies, having a few women as window dressing doesn’t belie it.

      Australians may have voted this cretin in, although I wonder who they were. I recall saying that Howard must have been voted for by a number of dead people, and there is now evidence of multiple voting in this election. Abbott is a dirty politician, his tactics are dirty and he is slimy; has he paid back his expenses yet? While Murdoch dictates what happens in Australia other parties don’t stand a chance. I wonder that Abbott is so keen to associated with someone whose papers were authorised to hack into the phones of a dead schoolgirl (Milly Dowler) thus impeding the investigation into her murder, in order to create a story.

    • Truth hurts doesn’t it. Pro tip: get out of your pathetic little bubble and realise that our nation’s politics doesn’t just affect us. You would know that if you had a passport and bothered to leave the ever so wonderful Australia. Doing absolutely nothing about climate change affects everyone, the revoked commitment to foreign aid affects those who need it most, the responsibility we have to maintain one of the 7 wonders of the world affects those who understand the environmental impact of such rash, ill-informed decisions to destroy it. And if you want to go ahead and claim that the Great Barrier Reef belongs to us and we can do whatever we want with it, you would be an ignorant fool. We are a laughing stock on the world stage, and those from other nations have every right to acknowledge it.

      • Go Hannah. These naysayers are in a minority. Check out how few commenters are angry about what i have written, and see how they fail to counter any of the points I have made. Case closed

      • You have no idea what points of the “article” I was referring to, so cool your jets, pal.

        As for The Politicoids claim “These naysayers are in a minority. Check out how few commenters are angry about what i have written, and see how they fail to counter any of the points I have made. Case closed”; I think that says more about your demographic and the people who actually read this blog….

      • How about ‘stick to not destroying other people’s habitat’ as a result of Australia’s environmental vandalism. And ‘Do not violate international law’ in relation to Australia’s current refugee programme. When doesn’t it become other people’s business? When Abbott is in the dock at the ICC, or Australia is condemned by the rest of the world for its Human Rights violations?

      • Wendy – you forget it was Kevin Rudd that extradited Reza to PNG. He has blood on his hands, not Tony Abbott. All you guys are bitching about the LNP reversing ALP policies. Here is one he hasn’t interferred with and you’re all bitching.

        I just want to thank Rudd and Gillard for drowning 1300+ of these would be Centrelink rcipients. Even the old DIMA found 90% of the bludgers didn’t have a job after 5 years. Most still couldn’t speak English either.

        Allahu akbar !!!!!!!

  28. Great job and all true, however, the major problem we have here is that the bloody Labor Party is just as bad, and in some cases worse since the rise of the political bum brothers of the New South Wales right. Abbott is an idiot who came into power by a well orchestrated scare campaign gleefully backed by that arch neo con Murdoch’s press empire and the fact that we Aussies in general don’t bother to do our own research and parrot the lies of the media. Our 2 party paradigm is a failure as really we now only have a choice between Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.

    • I absolutely agree with you except of course that labor was always the better of two evils. at least they were leading the country into progress in areas other than mining.

  29. I know you’ve probably already received a lot of this, but please please don’t think we are all brainless manipulatable fucktards.
    I love this article.
    Tony Abbott literally makes me sick to my stomach.
    I couldn’t believe it when he actually got elected, because most of the people I know are sane and don’t let themselves be brainwashed by the media. by the way you have to know that the liberals and Rupert Murdoch are tight. I hope this answers some of your questions.

  30. I just wanted to add something regarding our pretty good economy here in Australia. We were saved from the global financial crisis by more than just the mining boom. I prefer to think of that as “the icing on the cake” and the cake itself – like any modern developed economy – is a diverse thing. We still have some manufacturing and a big services sector. In addition it helped that the last Labor government did some classic Keynesian investment when the economy most needed the stimulus. Who knows what will happen now…

  31. You have made my night , my week, my year! It’s pity we will have this c*nt for four years thanks to another Newcorpse c*nt

  32. What I don’t understand is who are the shitbricks who voted him in in the first place? Too little, too late guys! That’ll teach you to not blindly follow the dude who says what you think you want to hear. Have an original opinion. Do your homework. Think about the future of our country, for fucks sake.

  33. Oh, the caring sharing left:

    With a face so taut it has been speculated (by me) that it may be pinned to his arse with staples

    Tone is going to dump a load of shit on your most sensitive areas

    qualities which make him roughly perfect for the job of sucking corporate cock

    that puffy-faced cack-spewer David Cameron

    There is no cure for being a cunt

    Way to step backwards, Tone. You cunt.

    You’re a child and a fool. You know nothing about Australian politics, and most of what you write about it is wrong, grotesquely oversimplified or just malevolent.

    Go back primary school, sonny, and learn something.

  34. To be fair, the Abbott government did not “repeal” same sex marriage. They challenged the legislation in the high court and the court ruled the state legislation unconstitutional because the federal legislation overrides state legislation whenever the two are in conflict. I support same sex marriage but I have to admit that the court’s decision was constitutionally correct.

  35. G’day! I just wanted to say GREAT article! So many ‘fun facts’ about this knob some of us call our prime minister. I have never marked all the numbers below the line on our senate ballot paper before & had I known we had 96 below that line in the lead up I wouldn’t have sworn to myself this year I would! Alas, after losing count & stuffing up & needing to ask for an eraser (our votes are still pencil on paper for anyone overseas) some would argue it’s archaic, I kinda think its fun though – until you take over an hour to mark your paper cos you lost count TWICE! ANYWHO my point is I numbered 1 – 96 below that line as my greatest effort to keeping that schmuck (because I’m trying to cut back on filthy insults, although I love the pic you’ve included with no cure for being a ‘c-bomb’ bonus points for the pic!!) out of office! That’s an hour of my life wasted because there’s too many in educated morons who voted the dick in! It was announced before the booths were even closed & votes counted. Within 10 minutes of me returning home from taking an hour to do my vote! F**K! To say that shit me is an understatement! Had Kevin Rudd been voted in & screwed it all up at least he makes a nice tea! Instead some muppets thought it would be a great idea to vote in another muppet who within days announced his plans to destroy our country & the longer he’s been in that pretty little office, the more damage he’s done! So he’s gonna destroy; World Heritage listed rain forests in Tassie, the Great Barrier Reef, he’s murdered our auto industry & most recent all but assassinated SPC Ardmona. Ok yes technically Coca-Cola Amatil “own” SPCA & yes they’re a multi-million/billion dollar company making beyond massive profits, BUT if SPCA reach out to Australian government for a little financial help, surely an Australian government would CARE about it’s people & their requests & opinions about such matters. Tiny Abbott you are ONLY in that plush little office of yours because WE the Australian PUBLIC voted you in (no matter how stupid of a choice made by those who voted for you) you are in that office because of all of us and it’s YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to listen to all of us & our concerns about your choices! I’m sure this reply has already become much longer than I originally planned, but this ‘man’ infuriates me so much I could probably write about the flaws I see all day & STILL not be done. However long this ends up when I hit send its only the tip of the iceberg! (Also to anyone who wants to complain about me voting for KRudd, he wasn’t my number 1, BUT he was MUCH higher up my 96 numbers than any of Abbot’s little storm troopers! AND yes I would be much happier if the milky bar kid was representing me, at the very least he likes women & lives in this decade at least.)

  36. I didn’t vote for Piss & Moan Tone. And it makes me think we are becoming more and more populated with moron voters in Australia.
    He is taking us backward in giant leaps and bounds.
    This of course will also give the liberal party a platform accuse the next government of a variety things that people will believe because they don’t see overnight progress, when the government will have its hands full fixing all of Tones fuck ups.

    Great article by the way.

  37. As an Aussie, I’ve been more embarrassed by Tony over the last 4 months than by anything else Australia has let loose on the world, including ugg boots. Though I must say, I can see why he wound up in power – our last couple of elections have been a toss-a-coin choice between bad and bad. He had no opposition. I can only hope we get someone decent to vote for next time, or it could wind up being a case of better the misogynistic, environmentally-retarded, insect-resembling devil you know.

  38. I am Australian but did not vote for him, hate every thing he stands for.

    He should get the wing nut, luddite (Australia doesn’t need world class internet infrastructure) and the wanting to take us back to the “good old days” award of the century!

  39. While yes, we had a multi-billion dollar surplus at the end of the GFC.. have a look at what happened after Labor was in power for a few years. The deficit is enormous.

    • Sorry Amy. Don’t know how old you are, but the history of Aust Politics is that the Libs are mean, which brings in the money to the coffers, and the Labour always spend the surplus on the people. It is a repeated state of affairs. Yes, Howard got Ast a surplus, but the Labour Party, used it to stop Aust going into recession. So obviously there is a deficit. Look at other countries and see that we survived much better because of the policies put in place with Labour. I just don’t like the ‘blame’ game. It was NOT Labours fault the world took a financial dive. But give them a pat on the back for keeping Aust afloat. Now lets get back to basics of running the country and the Govt working FOR the people.

  40. Well said (with the exception of some expletives) and a great overview of the depressing state of affairs in Australia. The sad matter of the fact is many Australians (including some family members *shudder*) are not well-informed voters. As the saying goes, you get the government you deserve – I just wish this wasn’t the case!

  41. The problem is not all the political parties fault, it’s the voters. Australians have had it so good that they in general are very apathetic about the real world issues and would rather swallow the hype and go back to watching the cricket. Protest about shark culling and they’ll be down the beach with banners in the thousands but the shit is about to hit the fan because everyone bought the buy now pay later plan and Chinas growth spurt will inevitably start declining, jobs will be lost, plants closed down. Punters will blame anyone but themselves for their insanely extravagant spending and unrealistic expectations. The banks will forclose after luring in borrowers with very low interest rates to buy overinflated housing and The Liberals will hit disability pensioners, single mums, the poor, sick and needy, healthcare and education and blame the unions poor refugees (“illegal imigrants”), As feared by all left leaning good people. It’s not rocket science. Rudd wasn’t nearly as bad as the hype either. He might even got some money out of the mining boom and killed off the factioning within the Labor Party if they hadn’t stabbed him in the back with a pre-emptive attack. The beginning of this century has been a complete clusterfuck of false flags, betrayal and disfunction, turning the parliament into a ridiculous reality show and disenfranchising the public more than ever. And that gets me thinking, who will be the next generation of politicians and quite frankly I really get worried.

  42. It’s hard to put into words how brilliant & accurate your writer describes our new ‘leader’. 100 points (and pints). Many already feel shame & embarrassment having this idiotic, moronic thug as ‘prime’ minister. I didn’t vote for him, and frankly have lost respect for friends & people I know who did. I feel often like calling them and yelling WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT FOR? ARE YOU REALLY THAT FUCKING STUPID!??? SEE WHAT YOU’VE DONE!!!??? But I don’t. It’s a democracy after all. Specially if you own a mining company, or your name’s Rupert Murdoch.

    • Totally agree with you. Not only did the ALP have troubles in their camp, but the Libs have had just as much in theirs. Seems people forget things at a time they need to remember. Hope we survive this ‘farce’ of a Govt.

  43. I’m an Australian who has lived in the UK for 6.5 years. I am so frustrated when I go back to Australia and hear the media and people in general go on and on about how the country is “fucked” and things are “really hard” for the “Aussie battler”. They talk about the “GFC” (Global Financial Crisis) as if it has had some remarkable bearing on their lives, yet the very fact that they refer to it as a “GFC” and not, you know, THE RECESSION, evidences that any effects felt in Australia are entirely second-hand. In the 6 years I’ve lived over here Australia has changed immeasurably. Prices of EVERYTHING have sky-rocketed, land has massively increased in value and wages, too, have increased. In my industry (law) colleagues point to pockets of redundancies as evidence that Australia is “in a bad state”. The difference is, those lawyers who were made redundant were, almost without exception, able to find other jobs. Many of the pockets of redundancies in large firms were simply related to the ebb and flow of the market: in good times, the insolvency lawyers get laid off, in bad times the construction and corporate lawyers get laid off. That’s just the way it works. Many law firms also sought to attempt to merge with overseas firms at a bad time, and it was to some extent those mergers which caused financial difficulties for the firms… because things overseas are almost invariably pretty terrible. From my per-view (which I accept is clearly nothing more than anecdotal) people in Australia are DOING WELL. I come from an exclusively “blue collar” background, meaning that almost everyone in my family didn’t finish school and no one has a University degree. Most of them live in country areas. Yet they all, without except, have jobs and own very large houses on large blocks of land, with 2 cars. Simply because you are not university-educated means fuck-all in Australia, you can be a plumber or builder or someone who drives a truck and earn more than a lawyer or an accountant. This is one of the things that makes Australia great: class and wealth are not determined exclusively by opportunities afforded to us when we are young. Fundamentally, Australia is doing incredibly well. The one key group of Australians who are not doing well, and who are repeatedly and continuously discriminated against in every possible way are Indigenous Peoples. I would add, also, that in my view racism in Australia is worse than it has ever been in my lifetime. White people who have everything are trying to “invent” problems in order to claim that immigrants ought not live in Australia. It is laughable. As “The Herd” said way back in 2002 “You’re not even from here in the first place”. That’s right. We are all, aside from Indigenous Australians, immigrants and invaders. We have no right to claim that we belong and exclude others. I also find it absolutely shameful that we are one of the last allegedly “enlightened” liberal democracies where gay civil unions are prohibited at all. I hate that fact, it makes me ashamed. Abbott and Campbell Newman are not just wankers, they are evil.

  44. Not to mention how far our dollar has dropped! I’m on exchange here in the UK from Australia and when I first got here, 1AUD was 0.64 or so pence. Since Tone got in, it’s steadily dropped to 0.5 pence. Thank goodness I have savings! Also, you forgot to add he’s thinking about selling off the university HECS debts (which are interest free loans to all university students with Commonwealth supported places), when it clearly states when you take on the loan that it can’t be resold to another agency. Oh there are also reports of them shooting at asylum seekers (they’re not immigrants, they’re seeking asylum usually running for their lives). The Aussie Navy are invading Indonesia’s borders while they violate international law to send these asylum seekers “back where they came from”. He also neglected to apologise for tapping the Indonesian President’s wife’s phone and thus has completely abolished Australia’s international relations with its neighbours. Oh, and most of this we hear from the Indonesian government because no one is allowed to speak of it or release any info. Not to mention he’s trying to shut down the ABC because they’re posting “anti-Australian propaganda” by reporting this kind of stuff. Also most Australians think he’s “doing a good job” because they’re not hearing about all of the failures of the government (the last ones were VERY transparent). What … The … Fuck!? Makes me want to stay here, haha. >_<

    • The weakening of the dollar is due to the US economy being a little stronger than it was in the past few years. Very little to do with the management of Australia’s economy. If anything, those shortfalls would be attributed to Labor’s term in Government and their reckless spending.

  45. The Tasmanian logging stuff is pure insanity. Even the *LOGGING COMPANIES* asked the government to back away from that one, but the govt decided they want to go ahead with stripping out the protections.

  46. As an Aussie in my 30s I have watched and listened in great frustration to some (not all) of the people I know fall for the biggest propaganda campaign of my lifetime. The Aussie media is among the highest if not the highest concentrated media industries among all western nations and Murdoch has a big slice of the pie. The ABC gets labeled as biased against conservative interests because, in comparison to our commercial media, a truly objective journalist would now appear relatively that way. The Murdoch attack on Labor and the Greens was enhanced by powerful corporate interests who funded millions into their own propaganda including the (mostly foreign owned) mining industry (opposed to taxes on mining profits), the clubbing industry (opposed to poker machine reforms), the tobacco industry (opposed to plain packaging of cigarettes) who argued on one hand that plain packages would have zero effect on smoking habits while at the same arguing that plain packaging would hurt small retailers who rely on cigarette sales, and last but not least, humanities old foe, the fossil fuel industry (opposed to a price on CO2 emissions). Now the ABC themselves appear to be more biased towards conservative interests as opposed to the other way around as the gravity of the commercial medias conservative bias has pulled them that way, hence regular appearances on ABC programs by members of right wing think tanks (such as the IPA) and soft questioning of conservative MPs regarding their truly disastrous first hundred days in power.

    • I am considerably older than you (wont say how much) and I have found that it is your age group and younger that are the real voice of reason. I believe that many many people over 50 voted for tony abbott simply because they did not believe that it was a woman’s “Place” to be PM, & that 11th hour leadership coup by Kevin Rudd was an unmitigated disaster. My 13 yr old daughter was savvy to Tony Blow Hard right from the start, ” He’s a lunatic mum, I wouldn’t let him run a chook raffle let alone the country”

  47. It wasn’t fear of anything apart from being seen as apathetic that led to this idiot being voted in. Australia is known for “she’ll be right mate” an attitude that’s admired really, but that comes with it’s own little bit of insanity every now and then. Every so often we need to change the sheets, dust the rugs or even hose down the patio. Tony Abbot could have quite literally said he was going to shoot every first born child in Australia, and he probably would have scraped in over the line. This is our equivalent of having a trip outside of Australia, just to see how good we’ve really got it. What he’s doing at the moment is outright lying to the people of Australia, but knowing that there’s nothing they can do about it it’s just passive resistance he’s getting until the next election. The westminster system of government works well with a strong opposition (No matter who’s in charge), I only hope that whoever is in after the next election has a strong opposition to provide the right checks and balances.

  48. Who the fuck are you you abhorent whinging pommy shitbag… When you can learn to write a compelling article not so to the left my nuts begin to crack.. Perhaps you will be able to achieve a moderate appeal to someone that matters… Your profanities in a public rant are appauling and your ideoligy that the world will survive on getting pissed off your head, smoking weed and fornication of your bummfucking boyfriends…
    Grow up and educate yourself you useless fucktard..
    You obviously have no idea of economics nor Australian economics for that matter… and are you trying to suggest you are above the 70%+ of Australian public that voted the useless leftwing lowlifes out of government!!
    Somehow i dont think so..
    Just another try hard pom tryin to make a name for himself by standing on a molehill and ranting as loud as possible with nothing but a fist up his ass and cok in his mouth!!!

    • Seriously Bettyboo? You’re got some nerve complaining about other people’s profanities when you post that kind of shit? You’d have to be LNP to be capable of such a glorious failure of self-awareness and blatant hypocrisy.

  49. Point in fact. Technically, this government was not voted in. This government got power because people failed to vote for anyone. Our other party self-imploded leaving little to have confidence in, and those that would have voted, decided not as some sort of obscure punishment to said party. These guys got voted in on a substantially reduced voting populace.

    • Believe what you want to believe. It’s a load of rubbish and you know it! People voted in Liberal because Labor stuffed up so many policies, and mind you, caused personal death as a result of failed ponzi schemes (Insulation).

  50. It’s all true, folks. If you have a job, prepare to lose it; if you’re filthy rich, prepare to get filthier and richer. Women, gays, refugees, indigenous, Muslims and other deviants, beware! They’re coming to get you!

    • Especially if you are a gay female refugee that is Muslim. Don’t know about Indigenous though mate? They get a lot of extra help financially and through community grants than other minority groups could ever dream of…

  51. So your a pom commenting on another countries politics. You will always have an outsiders point of view. And who really cares what you have to say. Do you really know what’s happening behind the scenes?

    • I wonder if Anyone has actually read the charter ( for want of a better word) for the Trans-Pacific partnership and it gives me nightmares.
      It gives overseas drug companies the right to dictate to us what drugs we can and cannot have on our PBS. It would give other countries the right to dictate to us on our Environment policies , education and social policies.
      It gives them the right to sue us for millions if not billions of dollars for what they perceive as us breaching the agreement, we are already being sued by Canada.
      Signing of this agreement would have far reaching possible catastrophic consequences both financially and politically for us. Tony Abbot should NOT be able to give consent for all Australians to this travesty of a document.

      • Yes you are right. What happened to ‘REFERENDUMS’? No one has asked me or anyone else I know about our opinions on something that will affect the whole country. I don’t like the way we are being TOLD things. (Often after the event)!. We are well into times of change, and part of that change in Aussie land , is to speak out how we feel. We all have been too laid back in the past, but now is not the time for that, as we surely see now with what we have to contend with politically. No wonder most of us feel embarrassed – what a political mockery !!

      • I’ll be voting against that Aboriginal preamble. Have you seen the way they kill baby dugongs ion Queensland. Spear the cute little fuckers without any anaesthetic and then slit their throats. Shame on them. They call it customary law – no better than the mob that practice sharia law !!!!!!

  52. When a person has to swear, bully & resort to personally insult someone to inform us? It denotes a weak & poorly researched argument! Environmental issues are a concern? Fact this scares me! Any half smart Historian can see the facts on our economy. The deeper impacts that certain choices are having & what is trying to be achieved! Esp after the financial debt we were placed into by Labor/ Gillard. Remember we were debt free before Labor! How many Billions of dollars a week do we pay just in the interest of our true debt. No wonder the Libs are desperate to make & save the economy money. Its so they can get more money out of us later trying to desperately repay the overspending of the last government! Yes Tony might be Ugly! But so what? That has nothing to do with his job! He might not be the most socially successful man either? Again not a job requirement! A Misogynist? We all know what a great & successful attack from the opposition that was. Though is it true? The facts are he has a healthy marriage, loving daughters & people close to him speak highly of him! So we can ask ourselves do those allegations really hold up to scrutiny? Real issues here are? His lack of support of same sex marriage! Lets face it its the most emotionally charged point here! I think we should seldomly let one point choose of decide leadership! Or for one point attack & desperately try to find fault in something else. As to justify & support the original one point! Its madness is it not? Australia needs to seriously rethink its views on same sex marriage & we need to educate the average Australian on this! How can Australia be a “stand up country” against wrongs as it is in our culture & to believe in “a for a fair go” for mate/ the underdog & etc. When its just not fair dinkum to have people that genuinely love one another to be disadvantaged because some has the wrong bits & pieces between their legs! Not a fair go at all says me a Christian Hetrosexual! Its not fair dinkum at all! Australia needs to rethink this!!! All man kind are created equal. God is to judge our personal actions not Mankind or any law on this! It is right to give people the personal choice of free will. Its Australian! Its fair dinkum & allowing us all to have a fair go mate! Tony/Libs you need to listen to your ppl & Australians we need to wake up & Give same sex marriage a fair go too! Sorry for my rant! That article insulted my brain! a healthy marriage, loving daughters & people close to him speak highly of him! So we can ask ourselves do those allegations really hold up to scrutiny? Real issues here are… His lack of support of same sex marriage! Lets face it! It’s the most emotionally charged point here! I think we should seldomly let one point choose of decide leadership! Or for one point attack & desperately try to find fault in something else. As to justify & support the original one point! Its madness is it not? Yes Australia needs to seriously rethink its views on same sex marriage & we need to educate the average Australian on this! How can Australia be a “stand up country” against wrongs. As it is in our culture! Our national believe in “a for a fair go” for mate/ the underdog & etc. When its just not fair dinkum to have people that genuinely love one another to be disadvantaged because some has the wrong bits & pieces between their legs! This is not a fair go at all says me a Christian Hetrosexual! Its not fair dinkum at all! Australia needs to rethink this!!! All man kind are created equal. God is to judge our personal actions. Its no one elses business! Its not Mankind or any law on this at all! It is right to give people the personal choice of free will. Its Australian! Its fair dinkum & allowing us all to have a fair go mate! Tony/Libs you need to listen to your ppl & Australians we need to wake up & Give same sex marriage a fair go too! Sorry for my rant! That article insulted my brain!

    • Wow – that ranting post insulted my intelligence!

      “He might not be the most socially successful man either? Again not a job requirement!”….Um, are you serious? ? I believe it IS a requirement for a country’s leader and head of government to be articulate, thoughtful and with some social eptitude. He has embarrassed us on more than one occasion and we are the laughing stock of the world.

      And how do you know of he has a healthy marriage? Do you know him personally? Have you noticed that we haven’t seen his wife or daughters since the election? He was happy to use them as ornaments during the election. He even said “you should vote for me because I’m the one with the not bad looking daughters” – women are just sexual objects to him.

      With regards to the economy – the “budget emergency” was a lie. Remember, if you repeat a lie enough times it becomes a fact. Just because Alan Jones says it ad
      nauseum doesn’t make it true. We have an economy that is the envy of many, many countries.

      If you don’t like what’s written here, there are many other sites and blogs where you will find the same thing written but without the swearing – look for them, they aren’t hard to find.

      Stop being a mindless lemming and only listening and believing the mainstream media.

      • Well said. Wholeheartedly agree. I did not like the swear words, but am adult enough to look round them and see what was factually said. We are the laughing stock of the world. Hopefully changes for the good will come soon.

      • I, for one, do not read the papers, do not watch TV except for the occassional ABC News, so your statement about people being fooled by mas media is rubbish. People form their own opinions, just like you have, by their experience and exposure.

        I like what’s written here but that doesn’t mean I agree with it. It is a free world, country, whatever, so people are free to say and do as they like, obviously within the law.

        It is healthy to have criticism however I think the same tone should be shed for Gillard’s failed policies and ideologies whilst in Office.

        Sucked in now to the Unions for getting a Royal Commission into their dodginess and criminal activities. I can see it now, the writing is on the wall. Scenario: Union official, or even occasional politician, gets called to Royal Commission to give evidence, suddenly the standard response “cannot answer that due to self incrimination”.

    • Brilliant piece . Well said. we are in a mess because of Labor. abbott is a nice person who might not be a smart lawyer like Gillard but is decent. Gillard was nice in person too, but shame about getting into politics by not letting her own party know she had been told to resign by her legal firm for the millions embezzled to a Union funeral fund. Gillard hasn’t yet spoken in the Victorian court yet, but her ex boyfriend and others have testified, but the media doesn’t even mention it, as pro labor. Labors leader Bill shitten cannot comment as he was involved also. Not a conspiracy theory, as check court cases in Victoria in Australia and Bob Kernohan, Still in court.

  53. Absolutely agreed! (As an Austtalian!) The other reason a majority of Australia was deluded enough to vote him in? In the months leading up the election, the Labour party was a *mess* – numerous leadership challenges and even more talk of them, from beginning to end of their term. Many thought, well, anything’s gotta be better than this mess! It remains to be seen how disastrously wrong that will end up being!

    • That is absolute rubbish Amy. People voted him in because Gillard had many failed policies that cost our economy. Can you honestly say you can afford to live well on a moderate income? Maybe I live in the wrong State but I can say I would spend between 8 and 10% of my net income on utilities – and that is with all the power saving crap, water saving crap and not using the gas much.

      The ONLY good thing Labor started was the NBN and I hope Abbott does the right thing with it (currently “under review”).

      Your view is very misguided and insular – exactly how Labor and the Greens pitch all of their propoganda. Go and check the facts yourself before believing the tripe that thos organisations and their supporters produce.

  54. You’re so full of shit you ignorant pommy bastard. Abbott is this countries savior. After so many years of ALP mismanagement it is going to take a Herculean effort to get this country back on track. Gillard the filthy baron bitch is going to jail where she will have so many of her union dog friends to tongue punch her fart box. Here’s to hoping they all die a painful death and fuck off back to Britain where the majority of them crawled out from under a rock.

    Here’s hoping you gay lovers all get AIDS.

    Suck my balls!

    • To Franco. You are more disgusting than the ‘pom’ who swore between real facts. Two wrongs don’t make a right, so watch your words next time you write on facebook.

    • First of all, none of what you have written makes sense. Secondly, I really think you should go out and see the world, most definitely educate yourself and try and live with more mindfulness (less anger mate, you only make it worse for yourself and you sound utterly ridiculous).

      And finally, if you are going to be a sexist, racist bigot with a complete lack of reason or desire to learn the truth, at least do a LITTLE bit of research and find out where Abbott himself comes from… I think you’ll find out he’s not from Australia mate…

      Anyway, I wish you best of luck in your new endeavours to become a normal, rational thinker in today’s modern society! Good luck and read a book sometime!

      P.s. Referring to Abbott’s birthplace, I have nothing wrong with Poms πŸ™‚

    • Franco, if it was not ALP’s “mismanagement”, we are already in big trouble. Sure, Howard leave us a surplus, however, you and your side convenientyl forgot about this “GFC” event. Just look at the unemployment rate at U.S and U.K, our 6.25% worst case scenario under ALP make our proud. We lost the surplus, however, the point of having a surplus is for the “raining days”. If the “GFC” is not a “raining day”, what is a “raining day”. And please do not tell me that the Chinese save our economic, if there are not cash inject to our economic, our economic already in ruin when the chinese order come to us.

      • Absolute!! Funny I read your words today, and they are exactly what my friends and I agreed on the other day. Great minds DO think alike. We had agreed that the WFC was the biggest ‘rainy day’ ever, and thank God for Rudd and the ALP for having the sense to share the surplus with the people. I know I would not have survived without the bonus. Thanks for confirming our thoughts on the matter.

  55. Love your thoughts as a recent import to Australia from New Zealand, am finding it difficult to deal with the fact they voted in a bigger dick than John Key current pm of New Zealand.

  56. I Am Australian I DID NOT vote for Tony the Toad, Tony’s ONLY political agenda is to Undo all the good that Julia Gillard did in her terms as Prime Minister, stats prove that Julia is the best PM we have ever had, Labor policy carried us through the global financial crisis and set us up for an enviable future, but see, Tony has an axe to grind, he HATES the fact that Julia beat him to the PM’s chair not once but twice, when she (Rightly) replaced Kevin Rudd and then after an election, when she was able to form a working minority govt. He never acknowledged her as PM he would have letters drawn up to send to her, cross out “The Honorable Prime Minister” and hand write, “Julia” . He is determined to undo every piece of legislation she had passed in her term of office ( a record 550 + pieces) He has no interest in the good of the country or it’s citizens, the only thing he is interested in doing is ramming a wreaking ball through the heart of and ripping the soul out of our social structure and our vision of ourselves of what if means to be “Aussies”.
    Destruction of what makes our country great, our devotion to preservation of land and unique areas. Our enviable social welfare and medical care. He wants to fire sale public assets to overseas corporations , he has screwed us over on the best high speed internet option given by the Labor Govt. A well over due National Disability Insurance Scheme to give financial support and life time care to the permanently disabled. Eleventy Joe Hockey’s announcement this week that ” the money for “Healthcare, Education & Age Pensions is running out” ( another bare faced lie) as these are ongoing budget expenditures that are costed every year.
    Abolishing the School Kids Bonus (which replaced the Education Tax Rebate)
    causing unnecessary hardship to low income families . He has old age pensions in his sights and disability pensions, wanting to force the elderly back into the work force, make them wait longer for their pension and superannuation trying to force permanently disabled people into work and making it harder for people with chronic and terminal conditions to get a DSP.
    Repealing the Carbon Pricing Scheme and then granting hundreds of millions of dollars in fossil fuel subsidies for mining companies making trillions of dollars.
    A paid parental leave scheme for women that earn $100,000-$150,000- a year that would see them being paid 100% of their pre baby salary , of $75,000- for 6 months leave at an estimated cost of 22 billion dollars for the first 5 years.
    The list of Brain Fart ideas that have no real benefit or logical direction goes on, I just see him doing as much damage as possible in the short time he will be in office which will be one term only, his approval rating at the beginning of January was less than 1%.
    His current policy of gagging the independent press, hiding behind a wall of silence on matters of public importance. So many people were sucked into the plethora of lies , half truths and deception that was the LNP “election campaign”.
    The manner in which he always spoke to PM Gillard and the disgusting hateful words and phrasing that he used was sickening.
    He banged on about “Deficits and expenditure” and then once in office, asked for an Increase of the debt ceiling of 300 Billion dollars and then had the Debt ceiling abolished altogether so he could bank roll his more riches for the rich schemes with no accountability.
    When Tony Abbott took office our budget deficit was approx.$18 billion , it is now , 6 months later, approx.$39 billion ,(what a surprise, even though this is public information, I cant get an answer from the treasurers office) with The Abbott Govt. borrowing and granting to the Reserve bank $9 Billion dollars they did not want or need, forecasts are that the deficit that “urgently needed to be brought back to surplus” will be around $120 billion and growing, over the next 4 months to the end of the financial year.
    I for one cannot wait until the next election hopefully it will be called early and maybe the Governor General will see reason and sack him and his cronies before then, either way one term Tony will not be missed in the slightest.
    BTW Franco Cozzo FYI, Tony Abbott was Born in LONDON, England his parents came to Australia when he was 3 yrs old.

    • What ??? Emma Albericie on her $240,000 is getting full pay whilst having her baby. The Aussie taxpayer is paying for that. When will I hear you complain about this rich bitch taking money from Mt Druitt single mums to feather her north shore palace.

  57. how anyone voted this cunt knuckle in I will never know. he is cutting pensions but putting money for marriage councilling. he has taken away all help for parents putting kids into school. the earth is going backwards, this guy is religious but like all nutshit religious people he is an evil cut.

  58. We did not vote that budgie smuggling asshole in. You can ask as many Australians who they voted for Nd it was the either a random party or Kevin Rudd. I’m pretty sure out government rigged the election.

  59. Julia Gillard was not elected as you mentioned, she and her party stabbed their leader in the back and had him removed. That is why they lost the election to liberal’s.

    • Julia was elected. We went to the polls after she took leadership from KRudd in 2010. It was a hung parliament. She did really well; got bi-partisan support for something like 187 bills the stand-outs being — NBN, Gonski, NDIS. Tones couldn’t stand her. She is an eloquent speaker, great negotiator and fantastic policy maker — all the things he is not. To destroy her and therefore the ALP he attacked her. When you read the dribble that comes out of most peoples mouths about her they are simply regurgitating his words. Take the whole JuLiar slur. She supposedly ‘lied’ about a carbon tax. Are you aware that only half of her actual sentence regarding the carbon tax was ever published. Are you aware that there was never an actual carbon tax but she did state that a carbon pricing scheme would be set in place. So half a sentence – not an actual representation of her real words, started the whole Juliar that Tony never let go of. He incites hatred, whips up the misinformed and pitches to the rednecks. Have you noticed not one piece of anything positive has come from his leadership .. it is all negative. He constantaly chants “we will repeal this, we will NEVER do this, it will NEVER happen, we will STOP this … ” Like attracts like. His negativity will attract more of the same. We should all be concerned. He will certainly go down as the one and only of his kind, hopefully his antics will become the catalyst for change. MARCH in MARCH; where ordinary citizens are now having to protest the government of their country.

      • Are you aware that Juliar Gillard supported a frequenter of prostitutes on union funds.

        Are you aware that Juliar Gillard supported the use of “mussels” to describe her vagina.

        Are you aware that Juliar Gillard never published where she was getting the money to fund the NDIS and Conski in years 5 or 6. It was a fantasy in her faux red head.

        Are you aware that Juliar Gillard’s office organised a race riot for Australia Day.

        Are you aware that Juliar Gillard never actually met any real westies when she met the mummybloggers at the Rooty Hill RSL.

        Are you aware that the Victorian Police have seized documents relating to her work at Slater & Gordon.

  60. A small correction; Julia Gillard was not elected, her party was. She was chosen to depose the person who led the party at election time. However, for an unelected PM, she turned out to be one of the very best. Sorely missed.

    • Yes. Well said, I agree. She did a lot of good for the people while she was in the Prime Minister seat, as well as having to deal with the ‘politics’ of both parties. She also beared the brunt of discrimination in politics, and I miss her too. Once she let go of the ‘game playing’ forced on her by the rules of politics, she really stood out. There were bad decisions made sometimes, but that is a ‘party’ problem. I for one am tired of the ‘blame’ game, especially when one person is targeted. I would like to see whomever is in power to just get on with the job at hand, which is to GOVERN the country on BEHALF of the people, not themselves.

      • Yes Ming – she increased the number of unemployed by 200,000 during her reign of terror where she abused every red blooded Aussie male in the country. That’s what happens when you shack up with a hairdresser. You become a misandrist !!!!!!!

  61. It really annoys me when people use the word cunt in a derogatory fashion as it demeans all women and girls and, being one of them, it really gets my goat. Tony (or any other man) is not a cunt. They are not full of procreative amazingness. No, if Mr Rabbit is anything, he’s an Areshole – a constipated areshole – completely FULL OF SHIT!

  62. Thank you so much for this article, you are spot on. As a South Australian, I don’t know a single person that voted for Abbott (with the exception of my grandparents, who clearly aren’t thinking of my future). I honestly don’t understand how on earth the people thought he would be good for us, to me it was clear right from the start that he is the devil. I am so deeply saddened to know that despite all our protesting the reef cannot be saved. It truly is one of the most stunning places in the world. I love my country, but he makes me want to leave. Here’s hoping he is voted out in the next election! However that may be too late to fix all of his damage.

  63. Abbott is a misogynist thug, and is the poster-boy for misogynist thugs the world-over. By the way, he just cut funding to a domestic violence service. Says it all, really.

  64. Just saw a link to this article, and wanted to point something out to you. You mentioned that only a short while after getting into office, PM Abbot’s approval rating had dropped to around 40%. I feel like it’s worth noting that his approval rating has never BEEN above 40% – he got 40% of the popular vote in the election, but that was enough to get him past the post before anybody else did. Voting was horrifically scattered amongst minor parties, as the Australian people bought into the Murdoch anti-Labor campaign and voted “anyone but Labor” to disastrous effect. Ole Tone’s supporters often try to rebuff points made by left-wingers like myself by saying “Well, he got the majority of the vote, so he MUST be doing what the majority of Australians want.” – Strictly false, mate. He didn’t get past 50%, and I doubt he ever will.

    • Good one. Totally agree. Wonder how the NEW voting will go in W.A. Hope there has been a massive rethink, so this election vote will show some truth now that there has been a taste of T.A. This man is NOT P.M. marterial at all. What gets me is that it seems all about him and NOT the party itself. More like an American President than a P.M.

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  66. The Australian economy, although looking good from external, is scathed internally. I earn a half-decent income, I am a conservative spender, yet I, like never before, am severely struggling with day to day living costs. I live in a moderate capital city that is generally “affordable”. So, to most middle income earners the pinch is being felt. I can only imagine how hard it is right now for Low-ish income earners in Australia. No thanks to Julia Gillard and her “load of BS” Carbon Tax. Everyone is suffering now with hiked up prices for everything, majority due to the Carbon Tax. Everyone along the supply chain has upped their prices to account for the Carbon Tax, yet the reality of 99% of them ever having to pay Carbon Tax is negligible. It is also a time where State Governments are raping (yes, raping, not reaping) their residents with exorbitent duties and taxes, then, when the automotive industry collapsed they all (the States) pointed the finger at “Abbot’s” Government being the cause. It’s a simple equation – if you can’t afford to be in business, then don’t be in business!!! The Government should not be “bailing out” anyone except themselves, and they should be encouraging business to invest in Australia, one factor being the “Carbon Tax”, but at the same time the States should be reducing, if not extinguishing, their duties and taxes and rely on GST income (because more investment in Australia = more GST income). The issue is, that many politicians, and I’m sure it’s the same in the UK, have lived a sheltered life. They’ve seldom experienced hardships that many of the people they represent face every day. They’ve always had food on their table, always had the electricity connected, always had the water connected, always had the gas connected. It is these “simple” things that are crippling the average Australian – before they even buy food or splurge a little. Many thanks to Labor for depleting that $22Bn surplus to an absolute defecit. Now the Abbott Government will be blamed for all the things they cannot afford to spend on. We cannot continue to spend money we don’t have. So I think in fairness you should also criticise “Gillard’s” decisions in office?

    • I undersand what you are saying, but let’s be clear that if the ALP (Rudd leadership) had not shared out the surplus to the Australian people (those in need), we would be in deep … (u know what) more than we are now. If one looks at political history, it is the ‘mean’ Liberals who ‘coffer’ the Aussie dollars, and the Labour party who uses it for the good of the people. That is the history. Now, who knows, as the whole world is in debt. It is hard to put blame on any particular place or person, but capitolism has a large role in this. Juia Gillard did the best she could under the circumstances, and at least got things done. That can’t be taken away from her. I don’t like politics, but we all haver to get a better understanding of it and not vote for a ‘person’ but for a ‘party’, that is if we can find a decent one. Preference votes are a real problem as most people have no idea about them. It is scary when one votes for a party and then finds out their vote went to a party they did not like. eg Greens and Clive Palmer votes went to the Liberals in the last election. That is really scary.

    • β€˜So, was the Rudd Government brilliant, lucky, or reckless?
      My reading is: brilliant. For sure, they had a lot of other factors supporting the economy that many other
      countries did not have: a central bank with the decisiveness, and room, to slash interest rates; a major
      trading partner (i.e. China) enacting a massive stimulus of their own; and a very flexible exchange rate.
      They also arguably “played it safe” by following advice from Treasury and the International Monetary
      But two things merit the term “brilliant”. One: the resolve to use overwhelming fiscal force, particularly
      in the face of political opposition; and two: the sophistication to understand the importance of shoring up
      the banking system through deposit guarantees (announced in October, 2008).’
      From an article by an Australian Economics Professor.

      Apart from the ‘Pink Batts’ debacle (no one gets it 100% right), the Labor Party saved us from the GFC. Their expensive NBN infrastructure should be implemented as a necessity that will actually make us money in a few years.
      ‘You don’t make infrastructure investments on current needs. You make them in anticipation of future needs. That’s what infrastructure is.’
      ‘Failure to improve the infrastructure will result in reduced productivity.’
      Anyway mate, most Australians spend money (debt/deficit) to make money (surplus). I don’t want a government whose bottom line is about ‘surplus’. We are also a society not just an economy.

  67. We hate him! Thank you for getting the word out there about our current Abbotalypse Now. Hey, can I migrate to the UK? πŸ™‚

  68. The majority of elected governments in the world and their main oppositions are 1.) Authoritarian (Fascist), and follow
    2.) “Neo-liberal” economic policies, which is not free market as widely supposed, it’s Command Markets run by Banks and Large Corporates, there’s nothing “free” about them. Just try to open a small business in opposition to one of them and see how fast your lights and water get cut.

    If you want to see how government stack up, and how you think politically, visit this interesting site and do the test:

  69. from an australian, well done. he is an absolute fool and you’re 100% right in saying that aussies have begun to realise how bad he is. i personally didnt vote for him and i have no idea who in their right mind would of. it sucks to see such a beautiful country (for lack of a better statement) get fucked in the behind. however i don’t believe he will last. wether it be he is voted out or assasinated, it honestly wouldnt matter but i am hoping and praying for the day he is no longer our prime shithead

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  71. I love your writing, you have told our story well. For fear of sounding like a wussy (that is someone who panders to the correct) could you re-publish your piece without the fucks and the cunts? I would love to share this, but I know that all the right-wingers will dismiss it because of the language. What do you think? Possible?

  72. Fucking gold, love this post. You have described Tone so eloquently! I’m laughing so hard at how bad our country has ended up only 6 mths under his lead, but really I’m balling my eyes out on the inside. Such a disgrace and embarrassment to our country. Like many others I will be protesting in the March come middle of next month.

  73. Within Australian politics, we have the choice to vote independent.

    Most of the populous, did in fact, vote independent.

    The reason Tone got into power is due to the fact that the independents chose to give their vote to the liberal party. Thus, this diabolical shit-eater came into power.

  74. 32% of the population voted for his party. He is in control of the country because of a rag tag conglomeration of minor parties. Funnily enough one of his election promises was to never get into bed with minor parties just to rule

  75. You didn’t even get as far as the National Broadband Network. Probably one of the most needed infrastructure developments the country needs. And he didn’t only stop it. He replaced it with one that won’t work, and is NON-UPGRADABLE. Thus sabotaging any future attempt to implement it.

  76. LEGENDARY article. LEGENDARY. I don’t think I need to expand too much, as you seem to have some super comments. I’m Aussie, but have been travelling for 7 months while this has been happening and I honestly fear returning. His election was, is and will forever be baffling to me, but today I’m just pleased to have been led to your site. Have now followed and will be sharing. Tremendous work, thank you πŸ™‚

  77. I have never seen this site before and probably will not go back to it again.
    I believe in robust debate and understand passion for a cause. Some of the contributors did make valid points on both sides of the Tony Abbott discussion and are worth consideration. However overall it seems most see it as an opportunity for an obscene rant. Its like singing in the shower, enjoy it in private but not in public.

  78. It could be interesting in the very near future as Australia heads for a revolution. If Teflon Tony (so fucking shiny the shit just doesnt stick) keeps going the way he has been, there will be a major uprising in one of the few countries to join the League of Nations (previous version of the UN) and the UN whilst still having a foreign head of state in overall charge of the country. In his few months in office, he has managed to hit employment so hard that a job in Australia is lost every 3 fucking minutes.

    He is in the process of ratifying the Trans Pacific Pact (There is one being negotiated for the Trans Atlantic basin as well) which will basically hand power to the corporations and next thing you know, we will have to sing the corporate song and dance to their beat and work for fuck all while the bosses of those corps are tossing money at Tone and his buddies for putting them in charge and nominally letting them run the country.

    But the real reason why he was voted into power was because of that prick Rupert Murdoch and all his fucking newspapers around the country. He did nothing but shitcan Gillard and the labour party and polished up Tone’s knob with some 400 grit polishing wet and dry sandpaper so that he could then shaft Australia without us even really noticing it.

    But… if we got rid of the prick… who would we put in power… they are all the same really at the end… bunch of lying twats who are more interested in lining their pockets rather than looking after their constituents.

    • Hmm… I like the cut of your jib, old boy. I’m currently working on a piece on the TPP and the TTIP, but it’s such a godawful topic, it’s taking quite some time to complete.

      Always looking for contributors here on Politicoid, so if you reckon you’ve got it in you, feel free to submit an article. No holds barred here, as you may have noticed…

      • If you can handle a socialist anarchist writing for you, I will think of some stuff to write about… I’ll have a poke through the rest of the site and see how things go.

  79. I sure hope the fucking morons who did vote for him ARE realising that. But for all I know he’ll pull some stunt before next election that will suck the morons in all over again. Yes, people are complete morons and I hate them for voting this shithead in.

    And yes, he makes me incredibly furious (I am one of many people I know who DID NOT vote for him and never would), and so I swear a bit more than usual (well, I swear a lot in my daily life, but usually I try to keep it a bit cleaner online except in private forums πŸ˜› )

  80. You are 100% correct on this cock fag. I didn’t see u mention anything about the liberal prick who owns the newspapers & how much power the libs have over the news the tv stations here though either so I feel sorry for the moron public that did vote for him who couldn’t see past this corrupt election. The sooner he’s out the better

    • I have written about Murdoch elsewhere, but let me get this clear, you think Rupert Murdoch is a liberal? I guess that works, if you define the ALP as liberal, which is an ironic oxymoron. In point of fact, they are right wing conservatives…

      • Liz meant Big-L Liberal, I think, which is the name of the slightly more right-wing of the two major parties down here. Us antipodeans even name our political parties backwards, eh?

  81. I am waiting for the day that Teflon Tony remembers that little law that his old boss ‘Jumped Up’ Johnny Howard brought in 2005. He basically re-introduced an anti-sedition law as part of the Anti-Terrorism bill. Basically, it was revised and worded such that if you spoke out against the government (at the time the Liberal Govt again) you were deemed to be supporting terrorism and could be arrested and held without charge, put through a secret court hearing and basically disappear… well you wouldnt disappear as such because too many people would be asking questions. But they can basically pick you up off the street and toss you in jail. Charge you with high treason as well if you are talking about overthrowing the standing government.

    As for Rupert Murdoch and his newspapers. The guy might be a liberal at heart, but he is a complete mercenary when it boils down to political favours. He has caused so many elections to be won by the people who can offer him the most that most of the western governments of the world owe him massive favours. He is the only man in the world, prior to the US changing their rules to allow people to hold 2 nationalities while being an American citizen, to hold a US passport with all the rights of a citizen while still being a citizen of the UK and Australia (and I think that he might also be eligible to hold a SA passport as well).

    The guy is a massive slime sucking toe rag when it comes to fucking around with the politics of elections… I think that it was Fox News that originally started calling that Bush had won in Florida. He also got Rudy Giuliani elected in NYC by putting him on the front page of one of his newspapers.

      • The biggest issue that I have with Murdoch is that he swings to whichever side will offer him the most. Biggest mercenary wanker in the world! You cannot depend on him to lie straight in bed.

        If I was in power, I would be questioning the right of Murdoch to even comment on elections based on his past history of casting certain parties in a positive light while absolutely turning up the flames on the other party.

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  83. Here in the ‘Land Down Under’, I know of no one who voted for the man (if he is in human), The gov recently revealed that over 2 thousand people had admitted to voting many times over some up to 15 times, due to the shabby system that they had setup..I bet he hired hundred to vote him in several times over, as well as Gina Reinhardt getting all her staff to do so as well. And the fact that Tony felt since the ABC and SBS (tv) networks had stated many comments that portrayed him unfitting to his status, he would downgrade their budget or sell them off.
    WHAT A WIMP….every PM suffers dubious comments no matter what it is but he cant handle it !….he is very Manic and dangerous.
    Check his mental status at

  84. Whilst you sit back many miles away in your dope infused fog, you are so much a numb nut. Something you are quite obviously not aware of due to your lack of anything more than a kindergarten education, is that we live in more of a democracy than you do you fuckwit. Read the statistics, your communist mates made such a fuckup of trying to run (down) this great country that they absolutely got their red arses kicked, whilst at the same time absolutely stealing blind from the populace, union members in particular. Look at what crimes our previous PM’s got up to, Gillard, ripped off union members funeral fund to help a fellow union boss buy a house, Rudd was complicit in Qld in concealing child abuse to protect his slimy left wing mates, Ablanese got caught leaving a brothel he was known to frequent, Craig Thompson, a minister in the failed government, ripped off his own union to pay for brothel fees, Conroy oversaw the supposed introduction of the broadband network only to blow billions with not one house hooked up (except maybe his own), Peter Garratt, spastic pseudo rock star and corrupt lawyer oversaw the death of many people employed to implement his corrupt insulation scheme . Man, (I am making a dangerous assumption here) you do not have clue, not one you fucktard. I have been to your historical but islamically fucked country, have you ever set foot here to qualify making those so hugely inaccurate calls?

  85. Is certainly amusing to read all the posts by the cry-babies who are hurting because Tony Abbott is now launching a Royal Commission into the union movement. The source of their planned future income has just been nipped in the bud. Suffer in your jocks you pissants.

    • Fang, there is no problem with a Royal Commission at any time. However, on this occasion it is simply once again appealing to the red neck component of society and whipping up hysteria because unions are seen as the ‘bad’ guys. Tony Abbott is simply appealing to the lowest common denominator and diverting attention away from the fact he has NO policy. He has NOTHING to offer Australia. In case you have lived most of your life under a rock, there are ‘bad’ guys, ie corruption in government, corporate, business, religion and society in general. Perhaps our money could be better spent stamping out corruption in all aspects rather than single out the one area that is CERTAIN to incite some to riot – clearly including yourself. Please remember Mr Abbott’s best mate is Cardinal Pell who is soon to be promoted and move to the Vatican all because he turned a blind eye and took a stance of denial over the role of child abuse in religious care organisations. It took Julia Gillard to get that Royal Commission happening. So unions? Simply a distraction. Unions have a role to play as equally as corruption can occur in any and all aspects of life … who really is the cry-baby?

      • Yes. And I wonder if many people remember or know what it was like WITHOUT workers’ unions. My grandfather was a large source of my knowledge, and we don’t ever want to go back to NO unions. You r right – there is corruption everywhere, but the old agade of ‘one bad apple’ should still apply. There is always good where there is bad. Fix the corruption and get on with the relevant jobs at hand. (That goes for the political parties too).

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  88. Oh Politicoid – Tony Abbott is the Prime Minister who just keeps giving. In the last week, he has declared himself a “feminist”, that Australia has too many forests, and that loggers are the “ultimate conservationists”. Seriously, you couldn’t make this stuff up!!

    A rare smile in Aussie politics this week, however, in the best slap-down you will ever see by one of our West Australian senators. Take a look…

    He refers to Gina Rinehart who is the wealthiest woman in the world. She is a West Australian made rich by inheriting her father’s mining business. She wants to employ Africans who will work for $2 per day.

    Did you know we had such vile people in this country?

    • I dont know how Gina fell so far from the tree… Lang was, while he was a ruthless bastard when he needed to be, he was still quite a gentleman. Gina is just a rabid money hungry bitch… and I say that in the nicest possible tense.

      But yeah… Teflon Tone… loggers are the ultimate conservationists… I wish that he would fuck off over to the rain forests of Brazil and tell those guys how they are really conservationists instead of being ruthless cunts who are destroying the trees that create the very thing mankind needs to breath. And then we have fucking oxygen thieves like politicians robbing whats left.

      • I don’t know a lot about Lang Hancock, he appears to be pretty vile to me too, judging from this video:

      • Did you hear yesterday Gina came out saying that welfare was a drain on our economy? Says the woman who receives around $4BILLION in tax subsidies/concessions. Perhaps she meant “corporate welfare”? Fucking leeches.

      • @drmarfi Back in those days, Lang was reflecting the attitudes of the government towards the indigenous population of Australia. Which at the time was what party? I would hazard a guess and say the Liberal party.

      • True, he was reflecting opinions of the time, at the same time as producing illegitimate children with indigenous women. He was fucking over the Aborigines in more ways than one.

    • What have you got against giving Africans jobs? You are yet another greedy racist Australian. Spread the wealth. They don’t have the dole in Africa so unless you are willing to send your dole payments to needy Africans let them work Of their own free will. You Arsehole.

  89. Did you realise only about 23% voted for his party. Due to our weird system of preference voting, the creep joined with other parties and they got in. I dearly wish we had first past the post. I didn’t vote for this wing nut and am marching against him next weekend.

    • Nice one toss pot you March yourself silly. You clueless pathetic fool. The party that got in on preferences was Labor with help from those murderous greens, and the 3 independent criminals. Seeing you are in such a militant mood Sir Marchalot, I think you should March to Stephen Conroy’s office in Mason Street, Newport and you can tongue punch his fart box for his absolute horrendous treatment of Lt. Gen. Campbell.

      • If Campbell wanted to lick Morrison’s arse in turn for a promotion, then he’s open to criticism for a POLITICAL COVER-UP. Go wrap yourself in your Aussie flag (the one with the union jack from ANOTHER country) and have a good lay down. While you’re at it go get yourself one of those lovely bogan southern cross tatts. Moron.

      • So… I take it that you two guys are totally enthralled by the mesmerising comments constantly being put out by the Abbott government. ‘The country is broke so we have to raise 130 Billion dollars by selling off the countries remaining assets’ – Joe Hockey.

        Well, how about the Environment minister giving himself retroactive exemption from prosecution for handing out permission to dredge the great barrier reef and for handing out a very special exemption to WA to kill endangered and threatened species… thats some pretty slick shit right there.

        And then we get back to Teflon Tony… loggers are the ultimate conservationists? WTF… you are talking about the guys that rape and pillage the forests for old growth timber… stuff thats been growing for hundreds of years and provides the oxygen that we breath…

        I’m happy to say that oxygen thieves like you and Teflon Tony and his boys are on the long walk off a short pier. Australia and most of the western countries are being sold out to the major corporations through the TPP and the TTIP and pretty soon… if the corporations have their way… there wont be a human being on the face of the fucking planet because those wankers who want to keep selling the pesticides that are killing the bees will have made sure of the extinction of the entire planet by killing out the bees.

        Ohh… you’re just scaremongering… the human race can survive the death of all those nasty little bee insects that sting.

        No we cant… and if the TPP and the TTIP both go through, the corporations have the right to sue any country in the world that threatens their profits. So we have people campaigning against those pesticides and they have already been banned once and the chemical companies are currently appealing against the ban. If/when the TPP/TTIF goes through, those corporations will be lining up outside the nearest corporate friendly court to lodge their papers suing any country that has banned their products.

        So you two go and sit in your corner and have a nice little circle jerk and think nasty thoughts about you and Teflon in your budgie smugglers splashing around in your massive piles of money as you rub one out.

        And… for the record… the article is 100% correct and is quite possibly even short of a shitload of stuff that that lying wingnut has done that the author doesnt even know about.

  90. The media and Abbott ran a campaign that Goebbels would be proud of. People fell for it, despite some trying to tell them this man had no policies, other than a misogynist, racist, scorched-earth policy or ten. I hang my head that this emotionally stunted disgrace represents us.

    • It wouldn’t have mattered what Tony Abbott said pre-election, labors greed and devious agendas are the ones who signed their own death warrant.

      Open your eyes you leftist newt! The Australian public were sick and tired of inept unionist thieves and back stabbers ruining or country and pilfering our wealth. Tony Abbott is unraveling the huge mess Labor left us with.

      History will show all future generations that the previous Rudd Gillard Rudd governments to be far and away the worst and most pathetic excuse for a government that this country have ever had the bad fortune of calling our leaders.

      So go back to your job at the ABC and slap yourself for ever having voted for such pathetic stinking shit!!! Dumbarse…

      • So instead of trying to get Australia back on the tracks, we are selling Australia to anyone with a wedge of moolah and wants to buy it? tits like you and that gain muppet are the idiots around here. Abbott and his boys are getting Australia ready to be raped by whatever corporation that wants a shot at us.

      • Agreed-the ALP were disgraceful in their conduct. The ALP LOST the election, the LNP didn’t win it. A gnat with a lobotomy could have beat them in the last election. Oh wait – he did!

  91. Your very first line sums up what you should say about Australia. You obviously know nothing about Australia, Australians or probably more correctly anything.

  92. Just when we thought this farce of a PM had hit his peak, he now gives us – wait for it – Knights and Dames! Yes, I kid you not, he drags us back a couple of centuries to reinstate awards that were abolished some 30 years ago. We all look forward to the reinstatement of burning of witches and public stocks too.

    • And we thought those ALP faggots were hypocrites. Look at Dreyfus QC who says he wont give up his Queens Counsel coz it will cost him money – total hypocritical arsehole – a bogn bigot who accepts free tickets to the Melbourne Tennis Open from Big OIl.

      • Fair bit of difference between a level of law practitioner and a knighthood (or damehood) which is a redundant award given to rich idiots who donate to the libs or someone who is actually working directly for the queen. Teflon Tony just put back the cause of the Australian Republic by 50 years.

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