The Domination Begins… Politicoid Gets Published!

my article_thumbThings have been pretty hectic on my end here this week, so I’ve been a bit neglectful of my fine and loyal readers. Let me give you a bit of an update on what’s been going down at politicoid over the last week.  Readership is growing exponentially, so that is obviously wicked. Sadly, I haven’t had time to write a huge amount as I have been working my ass off at the day job, and I kind of burned myself out.

The main news this week is relating to politicoidal blogospheric domination. First, my articles on the hydraulic fracturing issue were published on, so people are starting to hear the word – and believe it. Continue reading

Politicoid Expands – To Infinity and Beyond!


After an unintentionally long hiatus, you may have noticed that I am back. Finally, the plan – movement even – is back on track again. Content is going up regularly and we have a new site theme to boot! I have it on good authority that the monkey-fellating onanites who nicked all my shit – twice! – have been found, liquidated and turned into the very soap I use to wash my nether regions with. So with any luck, I should be all set from here.

Where to from here then, politicoid? Well, this is where the expansion begins. I’ve pretty much reached the limit of how many articles I can post up by myself what with working 7 days a week, so I have recruited some contributors.
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All Quiet on The Politicoid Front?

OK guys, sorry things have been a bit quiet recently. In an example of my general level of luck, both my laptop, memory sticks and my mobile phone got nicked by some shithead fucks who will hopefully find their genitals mysteriously implanted into their heads. I had written a whole series of articles for your viewing pleasure, including the next instalments of Electoral and Welfare reform, not to mention about five other articles. So I have been furiously rewriting them and should start posting them soon. I can’t guarantee a daily update right now due to the big pile of pants that is my technology situation, but there should be enough stuff of interest.

Oh, and if anyone tries to sell you a black Compaq and a blocked android phone, do me a favour and sodomize them with an angry gibbon.

Ciao fer now….. The Politicoid

Facebook and Twitter, WOOP! WOOP!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am announcing Facebook and Twitter accounts so you can all keep up with what’s going on here – as I’m sure you are all wont to do. Whilst there aren’t many of us at the moment why don’t we see if we can’t just get The Politicoid Network grown, ay?

The Twitter account is online and good for the following on @the_politicoid, so show some face if you’re so inclined. Facebook page is under development, but if you really feel the need to join up now, just look for a page named ‘Politicoid’ (shock, horror).

Further updates to come…

And on…. To Universal Domination!!

Hey all… or perhaps just anybody!?

So this is the beginning. Of the beginning or of the end I cannot say, but hey – nothing ventured, nothing gained. The idea here is to have a vent, a rant and, should this attract enough readers, to Change the World!! BUWA-HA-HAAA!!

But seriously, folks, this is to be my introductory foray into political blogging – presently I have Great Plans in mind ranging far beyond this blog. We shall see how it goes, but be prepared to see me increase my online presence massively over the next few months and let’s see if I can’t break my way into the political landscape of the UK, Europe and ultimately The World.

So what’s the deal? Well, that’ll develop with time, but for now… Politicoid 101:

  • I hail from Edinburgh, UK, and thus the posts will mainly be relevant to UK and European politics.
  • European politics is hideously under-represented in the UK. I aim to educate, not to please. Lol. No, seriously 😉
  • Real policy opinion and analysis is largely uninspiring and exclusive of the average citizen, confined as it is to the rather dry broadsheets.
  • Politics is, in reality, really quite interesting and much fun can be had with the lying liars that make up the establishment. Let’s bring on the fun.

I’m going to leave it at that for now, but keep reading and you’ll get the idea. Comments welcome, linkings welcome, challenges welcome.

Ciao from… The Politicoid