RIP Tony Benn: A True Man of Principle

tony-benI’m not usually one for bestowing praise or otherwise upon the death of politicians or celebrities, but today has seen the passing of a true political hero – Tony Benn (1925-2014). It would be a massive undertaking to give an adequate account of how truly brilliant this man was; a man the political establishment in this country could sorely do with. Benn was never afraid to adapt his views as experience and facts would dictate, and bucked the parroted ‘wisdom’ that one becomes more conservative as one gets older – in his own words “I’ve gone more to the left as I’ve got older”. Continue reading


UKIP change name to UKUNT

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Nigel Farage UKUNT United Kingdom Independence Party leader Nigel Farage has today announced a renaming of his party to “United Kingdom Under Neath the Tweed” or UKUNT until September’s referendum on Scottish independence with a possible view of changing it back again in the event of a “no” vote.

Speaking on Andrew Neil’s weekday political show ‘Afternoon Bollocks’ Mr Farage explained “If we bang on about the United Kingdom being separate from all other influences and then part of the United Kingdom decides it’s going to become independent from us, then that makes the whole thing seem ridiculous and quite unfair. I personally hate going to Scotland since they tried to put me in a wicker man that time, so I would never stray north of the river Tweed anyway.

“There’s  no point including them in  deciding our careful blend of knee jerk policies, jingoistic diatribes and borderline racism if they’re only going…

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Scottish Independence for the Common Man


I’m finally getting around to the subject of Scottish Independence. I was really a bit lost on how to start this; I mean, it seems like there’s just so bastard much to consider, right? Currency, the EU, welfare… For what seems now to have been a shockingly long period of time, I couldn’t even understand the question. Identifying as I do with the term ‘British’ as much as I do ‘Scottish’, it seemed, well, just unnecessary. Continue reading

UKIP – Nutbag Wankers or Batshit Fucknuts? You decide…

UKIP Annual Conference 2013

Jesus H. Mother-Frakking Christ. UKIP really are a backward bunch. The latest in a long line of disturbing statements to issue forth from the bloat-holes of UKIP councillors is that, according to former Tory MP David Silvester, the latest run of bad weather in the Uk is a result of the legalisation of gay marriage. Are you fucking serious? I thought that shit only happened in the USA, or theocracies like Saudi Arabia.

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It’s The End Of Workfare As We Know it, and I Feel Fine. Welfare Reform Pt.II

welfare_2478950bcaitSome time ago, around the inaugruration of the ConDem coalition, I wrote about the the potential of the new governments Universal Credit scheme and the looming Workfare programme. Well, finally I have got round to continuing the analysis now that we have had a couple of years to see how it has all panned out. Shockingly enough the answer is: not very well.

The coalition’s workfare scheme has been one of the government’s most high profile policy directives since they came to power. On the face of it, the idea sounds great. Continue reading