Anybody who fancies exchanging any comments or chats that are NOT directly related to the posts I have made, can make them here. Suggestions for posts, requests or just idle chit chat are all welcome. If I dont get flamed at least a bit, then I’m not doing my job properly, so let rip. That’d be you, conservative :-0

7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Eh up, Politicoid, seems all quiet mate ?? What’s your angle on the Egypt events,as it seems to be hotting up to quite a furore ? What do you think of their way forward from this pseudo democracy ?

    • OIOI bro fit like? Ya, got all my tech nicked by some filthy shitfucks, so it’s all gone a bit quiet. Back now, so I’ll get as much done as possible. As for Egypt, I reckon Mubarak is too important to the west to be forced out, so he’ll claim, as he already has, that he’ll leave at the end of his term in September. Naturally September will come, and lo and behold, he won’t go bloody anywhere. Expect a write up on this soon…

  2. Hallo,
    we have started a campaign website called alongwith a number of regions we are fighting to stop Fracking getting started.
    We need to put some detailed info on the site to explain What is Fracking and I wonder if we could use your article Part1 and so on in a series to educate.
    Obviously we would give due credit etc etc
    What do you think ?
    Sincerely vince adams

    By the way I founded both and that you might like to take a look at.

  3. Yeah sure i would be honoured to have my article used. I suggest you use both parts to get the full story, and let me know if you intend any changes. Thanks for your appreciation. My email id thepoliticoid

  4. In my comment posted earlier today, I referred to you as part of the British Left.
    On scrolling through further comments, I discovered that you’re a Scot. My sincere apologies – no slur intended. To quote Irving Welsh; “… We on the other hand were colonized by wankers!” Here in Australia, we know exactly how you feel.

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