The Paracas Skulls – An Object Lesson in Critical Thinking


I’ve gone and got my panties in a twist again (What? They feel nice against my skin…). I’m just really bloody tired of having to do other peoples’ thinking for them. Now before you get all excited and puckered-up about that statement, let me explain myself. Across a gamut of topics on Facebook ranging from radioactive tuna to chemtrails to bad science, I have discovered a disturbing trend; I call it Post First, Ask Questions Later (or possibly not at all). If you’re here often, you might have noticed that I tend to get a little, shall we say, pissy when otherwise intelligent and educated folks just swallow outrageous claims without so much as an ‘Are you sure about that?’. An article doing the rounds on Facebook this week has proven to be the turd to break my otherwise calm demeanour. Continue reading

PseudoScience, Woo and its Malcontents


Some shit just drives me fucking nuts. So nuts that it’s a good thing that I don’t have a spare icepick lying around with which to lobotomise myself whilst simultaneously clawing out my eyes and excoriating my eardrums. Only the dark uterine bliss of utter senselessness could relieve the pain that is… the uninformed masses.

The thing which scrapes my scrote right now is the vast hordes of conspiranoids polluting the internet and their attendant lack of basic thinking skills; do a quick search for ‘science documentary’ on YouTube and you’ll find that half the results are a melange of nutbag crud varying from Nibiru to the Anunaki and on to the New World Order.

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