The 4 Most Overrated Movies of 2012

19As the bright light of the Oscars begins to fade, I thought it might be time to reflect on how pompous and conceited the movie industry really is. To that end, let me present to you Politicoid’s thoughts on the most overrated movies of the year past. Every one listed is a bona fide case of pure drivel, but somehow they manage to get rave reviews. Hopefully one day I will get paid to write glowing reviews of utterly shit movies, too (anyone..?). Or perhaps there is a conspiracy to provide critics with completely different movies from the ones released to the public?

There is an outside chance that I am just wrong. As a sceptic, I should at least entertain the idea.

Idea entertained. Thesis rejected. And on with the show…
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Flight (2012) – Review

Denzel-Washington-in-Flight-2012-Movie-Poster1-e1349291848358Flight tells of the redemption of terminally smashed airline pilot Whip Whittaker (Denzel Washington, Training Day) after he miraculously saves 96 passengers from almost certain death. Beset by investigations into the crash and his culpability for it, Whip must confront his addiction and the moral dilemmas overshadowing his inevitable salvation.

So, the good stuff: Denzel Washington acts Denzel Washington in fine style, as per usual, in a film which is flawless in it’s cinematography, if somewhat straight-laced in style. The opening scenes have you bolted to your seat – the crash scene is riveting, even as your ability to suspend disbelief is challenged. And… er, on to the bad stuff…
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