Wingnut of the Week – Australian PM Tony Abbott

0,,17073174_303,00Aussie politics is a strange bugger. Far be it from me to comment on the politics of another nation (ahem)… but I just can’t help it when my wingnut detector goes this ape. I’m not sure that you can even fit Australian politics into a traditional Overton window – Liberal in Australia seems to mean economically neo-liberal, as opposed to socially and democratically liberal, as we’d been led to believe.
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Scottish Independence for the Common Man


I’m finally getting around to the subject of Scottish Independence. I was really a bit lost on how to start this; I mean, it seems like there’s just so┬ábastard much to consider, right? Currency, the EU, welfare… For what seems now to have been a shockingly long period of time, I couldn’t even understand the question. Identifying as I do with the term ‘British’ as much as I do ‘Scottish’, it seemed, well, just unnecessary. Continue reading

UKIP – Nutbag Wankers or Batshit Fucknuts? You decide…

UKIP Annual Conference 2013

Jesus H. Mother-Frakking Christ. UKIP really are a backward bunch. The latest in a long line of disturbing statements to issue forth from the bloat-holes of UKIP councillors is that, according to former Tory MP David Silvester, the latest run of bad weather in the Uk is a result of the legalisation of gay marriage. Are you fucking serious? I thought that shit only happened in the USA, or theocracies like Saudi Arabia.

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